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Selsdon Man

Sounds opportunist to me!

What about support for DC's policies?

James Hellyer

"In a statement released by the Cameron campaign Deputy Tory Leader Michael Ancram encouraged members to back the judgment of a majority of Conservative MPs"

I thought Mr Ancram believed in party democracy? If the members are expected to simply rubberstamp the views of the MPs, then we have no democracy at all.

Selsdon Man

Too true, James.

Daniel Vince-Archer

James H, you should know better than to expect consistency from Cameronites.

Exhibit A: Jack Stone's constant demonisation of Cornerstone, until they backed Cameron, when their support was welcomed with open arms as it supposedly demonstrated the 'wide appeal' of the Cameron campaign.

Exhibit B: Cameron campaign literature and personal website features image of him supporting Christian Aid campaign; Cameron conveniently disregards this support in front of free-market group to launch stinging attack on Christian Aid.

Exhibit C: Cameronites ignore or discredit opinion polls that don't indicate Cameron success, yet opinion poll results that can be spun if favour of Cameron are treated as proof positive that Cameron is the best thing since sliced bread and will definitely become Prime Minister.

Exhibit D: Cameron was head of party policy co-ordination for the 2005 election, yet has run a subsequent leadership campaign on the basis that we need to change from the policies offered for the 2005 election in order to win.

Need I go on?

John Coulson

Does Anne Main actually think that her defection will encourage a single, solitary member to become more inclined to vote DC? If she does then DC is very welcome to her. As from Michael Ancram, his performance on the front bench over the past 8 years has been abysmal. Why, oh why, do leaders consistently add him to their Shadow Cabinets? To take advice from him is a bit pointless.

James Maskell

Ive never heard of Anne Maine so Im not particularly concerned.

My interest in this contest is starting to wane, with some 4 weeks still to go. Cameron will win this contest and we'll be no closer to knowing how to win the next election. The members will pick Cameron because he is someone who hasnt been involved with the past of the Conservatives and because he looks good in front of a camera. The main players are moving to the Cameron camp with hopes of securing a good position.

Cynical yes, but probably not that far off though from being rather true.


Miss Main's like that member of staff you have who appears loyal but when you need everyone to pull together on your team and help to win new business for everyone on board, they bog off and join a competitor - that's it girl you look out for yourself, I've marked your card. Never trust a defector Cam.


Anne Main is my MP, but I'm yet to meet her. Every opportunity that arises I seem to be doing something else.

She's the MP for St Albans, newly elected in May overthrowing Kerry Pollard (Lab - Rebel) who'd been in since 97.

I must admit the thing that worrie me is you can never trust a defector, then again its obvious she backed Davis from the start for opportunistic reasons.

Cllr Iain Lindley

I suppose there are two interpretations - one, that these MPs are just trying to back the winner. The second is that Davis's heavies leant on them from day one, threatening them with their Parliamentary careers.

James Maskell

The first interpretation seems more likely to me. I dont think DD would risk that coming out were the second interpretation actually true. By saying what she said it gave her an escape route.

Socialist Looking In

What is going on with her hair? There must have been a lot of static in the air when that photo was taken.

James Maskell

I believe that hairstyle is known as the "peacock".


If DD were to win by some freak, he could expect to face an immediate confidence vote and removal by the MPs, who could then install Cameron without a contest.

John Coulson

I think Anne Main has not made herself any friends. Why not just stick it out with DD and they be loyal IF DC is elected. She is a woman who has not played the game very well.

Al G

Well I think we all ought to vote Davis just to spite her!

Women, eh...

Henry Cook

Cameron ahead by a massive margin in Telegraph poll. Report has a great dig at the Times:

"A report in a tabloid newspaper this week that Mr Davis was surging ahead among Tory voters finds almost no echo in YouGov's survey of party members."

I thought "it wasn't in a tabloid, it was was in the Times," but then I realised the Times IS now a tacky tabloid! Manages to discredit the newspaper and the poll in a funny way - made me chuckle at least.

James Maskell

A tacky tabloid? I find the paper's perfectly fine to read and a whole class above the Sun and the Mirror.

Barbara Villiers

I really feel quite sickened by all these defectors - they knew what Davis' policies were from get go - no surprises. It was as I said on other blogs - rats deserting what they they think is a sinking ship. I only hope Davis gets in and they all get the come uppance of their lives.

Even as a Davis supporter, I know that unless the press uncovers Cameron having done cocaine since he was an MP, things look pretty grim. If the Tory Party are so desperate to win that they will eschew solid policies for Blair Light then they will get the Party they deserve. The truth is, you don't imitate products past their sell by date but that is just what the Party is doing - as, always, just out of time. It sums up everything that is wrong with the world right now - everybody wants an instant fix, instant gratification and appearance is everything. Woe betide to anybody who is old, uncool, or doesn't look like a supermodel. If despite my personal preference I thought Cameron could pull it off I'd say, well the best man won. But he won't be able to pull it off and we'll be in a real mess. Everyone is talking of an election 5 years down the line but I think it well be a hell of a lot sooner. And we'll have an empty vessel leading us. Just great.


After taking longer to elect a leader than a General Election lasts no doubt the Conservatives will start the run up to the May Elections watching to see when the LibDems replace Kennedy.

That will have quite an impact on Conservative fortunes as they will have a big disaffected group after this leadership process and probably a front-bench younger than most voters.........


Perhaps Miss Main, like Wiletts, was unimpressed by the suggestion that governments should borrow to cut taxes?

Or perhaps she saw policies for referenda on obscure European issues as a recipe for irrelevance?

Just speculating.


When did Willets say the government shouldn't borrow to cut taxes Gareth?

I suppose this question depends on whether you believe high taxation holds back enterprise or not really. Does DC advocate more of the same even if Brown decides to raise taxes on business further or a new mixture of more stealth taxation.

Selsdon Man

"I think Anne Main has not made herself any friends."

My sources in the House say that Nadine Dorries, having nominated DD and then switched to DC, has lost credibility amongst the Parliamentary party. Ms Main may not be treated so harshly but, having switched so late, it will not help her. These defections will not help those who want to see more women Tory MPs.


Is this the same Anne Main who wants to stop all children having pencil sharpeners and compasses in schools?

Clearly a reactionary and brainless creature. Brooks Newmark asked what can be done to encourage more females to stand for the Conservatives - the appropriate question would be what can be done to encourage more intelligent females to stand for the Conservatives.

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