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Countdown to Gordon Brown

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Selsdon Man

"the empty chair campaign is over almost as soon as it began".

But not Guido Fawkes "Free the Willetts One" campaign! Where is the Havant Member?


So it was "over almost as soon as it began"...there was me thinking it never even really existed!

Selsdon Man

I see that Guido has blogged on "Taliban Timmy's Tory Test". That will get him dropped off the Editor's Xmas card list!


How would I know where to send Anonymous Green-Eyed Guido's Christmas card, though, SM?


Taliban Timmy


No, No, Mr Editor: the Empty Chair Campaign can't be over until we have a date, surely? Agreeing to do the interview after all danger is over - that is, when most people have posted their ballots - is not good enough.

I would say you should keep it up until we have a firm date. Remember, Cameron is a very slippery customer.

On the other hand, if we find out it's within a few days, I will admit I was unfair.

Selsdon Man

There are clues on this site, Tim. Can you pass the test?

James Hellyer

"How would I know where to send Anonymous Green-Eyed Guido's Christmas card, though, SM?"

Wat Tyler P.I. suggests you send the card to Paul Staines.

Selsdon Man

I missed Wat's outing of Mr Staines! When did he do that?


No Selsdon Man. I think I've flunked it. What am I missing? Can you say?

Selsdon Man

Mr Hellyer got it right. Go to your Global Growth link and compare the contact phone numbers with Guido's.

James Hellyer

Try here:

If you google the fax number from Guido's blog, you can find an advert from 2002 posted by Paul Staines.

It's also the same number as that on the Pharmopoly blog, set-up by Global Growth, the development economist for which is Paul Staines.

Google: the stalker's friend.


DC will be on newsnight the week beginning 14th Nov according to the latest DC email campaign bulletin.

Selsdon Man

The editor owes you a favour, James.

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