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Matt K

Ed: I think you'll find if you're using least squares method to judge the first round my prediction beats Kris's...

Second round prediction:

DC 91
DD 50
LF 57

DC to romp home against LF in the member's vote.

John Hustings

DC 90
DD 54
LF 54

Tom Greeves

DC 97
DD 49
LF 52

Daniel Vince-Archer

Cameron 86
Davis 56
Fox 56

Mark Fulford

DC 71
DD 66
LF 61

Samuel Coates

DC 93
DD 53
LF 52

David Spencer

Does not my entry for first round beat Matt K


DC 87
DD 60
LF 51

John Boy

DC - 91
LF - 55
DD - 52

DC 88
DD 52
LF 58

Deckchair of despair

Sorry, I didn't have my name on that. My prediction:

DC 88
DD 52
LF 58


I didn't claim victory, someone else pointed out that i got the Davis vote spot on, and got the order right, and was only 2 out on Fox and Clarke. I will leave the decision to you. I'm still pleased that my prediction was that close.

My prediction for round two is as follows.

David Cameron: 85
David Davis: 55
Liam Fox: 58

Fingers crossed for a Cameron V Fox final.


Looking at it, i was closer than Matt K, who hadn't even got the order right, which surely has to be first priority before looking at how close the figures are. I acknowledge that David Spenser was closer with spot on for Clarke and only a total of 8 votes out for all the others, where as i was 10 votes out on the others. It was a great competition though.


DC 101
LF 51
DD 46


DC 94
DD 49
LF 55

Also hoping for Cameron/Fox final 2

Ben O

Why am I reminded of Adrian Sherman, who started off the predicitions in the first round:

"Davis 76
Clarke 42
Fox 42
Cameron 38

Cue, much wailing in the trattorias of Notting Hill. "


DC 91
DD 58
LF 49

Matt K

I think David Spencer's right, by any method he has Kris and me beaten. Curse my blind faith in Ken...


DC 87
DD 58
LF 53

Cameron to win as much as 2/3 of the popular vote.


DC: 87
DD: 54
LF: 57

Members ballot 60% DC, 40% LF

christopher owen


David Spencer

Thanks kris and Matt K for your kind comments.
Might get egg on my face this time round!!!!!

DC 103
LF 54
DD 51

Well done to all entrants in 1st. round


DD - 75
DC - 75
LF - 48

Unlikely and I really think that John Boy probably has it about right.

Edward Lennox

Cameron - 93
Davis - 55
Fox - 51


Cameron - 96
Davis - 54
Fox - 48

Davis stands down after a weekend of reflection and consultation (and mauling in the press).

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