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Wat Tyler

DD 70
DC 50
KC 40
LF 38

John Coulson

What happens if Cornerstone do come in tomorrow?
We will all have recast our judgements.


David Davis 63
Ken Clarke 47
David Cameron 40
Liam Fox 38

Plus 8 I cannot work out!

Selsdon Man

You won't get a mug for that, Disraeli.

James B

DC 49
KC 42
DD 65
LF 42

I think that either Clarke or Fox will be eliminated in the first round. Any chance of a cornerstone candidate at this late stage?


Round 1:
DD 65
DC 48
KC 44
LF 41

Round 2:
KC 69
DD 68
DC 61

Selsdon Man

Why does Igor Lalic call himself Nick (see email address? Sounds like a KBG agent!

Selsdon Man

"Any chance of a cornerstone candidate at this late stage?"

Mr Leigh may surprise (or disgust) us yet!

Richard Allen

Round 1

DD: 73
DC: 49
KC: 40
LF: 36

Round 2

DD: 79
KC: 61
DC: 58

James Hellyer

There were rumours of a Bill Cash bid circulating last week. Apparently none of the other candidates are serious enough about Europe...

If "Cornerstone" do field a candidate, he won't even secure their full support. It would however allow the first ballot to be more of a barometer than a knockout (my bet: Bill Cash - 1 vote).

James B

Sky News have just reported that Cornerstone have decided not to put forward a candidate. This probably means that 20 or so MPs could be backing Fox.

This would give Fox around 35 MPs. Would he get much more?

James Hellyer

I think Dr Fox will do quite well with the undeclareds. There are lots of right wingers there ("not Clarke's" as the Telegraph put it), and I suspect he'll do well among what's left of the '05 intake and get some of the wavering undeclared DD backers.

Remember that without Cornerstone his team kept saying they could get 30 to 40 votes.

James B

Could be James. Sky were reporting around 20 MPs though. Sky also reported that Teresa May is expected to declare for Cameron tomorrow.

Andy Stidwill

David Davis - 65
Ken Clarke - 45
Liam Fox - 45
David Cameron - 43

Come on, Tory MPs - don't let "The Notting Hill Set" take over the Conservative Party!



James Burdett

Round 1

David Davis - 65
David Cameron - 64
Liam Fox - 40
Ken Clarke - 29

Round 2

David Davis - 71
David Cameron - 80
Liam Fox - 47

Wat Tyler

Ed- in the event nobody hits the bullseye, how are you going to decide the winner? Sum of absolute errors? Sum of squared errors?

I think we should be told.

John Coulson

It has to be sum of absolute errors. If there is the tie it should be the person who got closest to the highest vote. If that is a tie then who of those got closest to the dropout candidate.


Er... as they say in those tabloid newspaper competitions... Editor's decision is final.

Sum of squared errors methinks.


This is a great site. I must return.
(What I think - not want will happen)
DD 65
DC 48
KC 47
LF 38

DD 78
DC 68
KC 52

James Hellyer

"Editor's decision is final."

Go on, give us a tiebreaker question:

"I want XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX to be leader because....."

Most amusing answer wins.

Samuel Coates

DD 60
LF 49
DC 52
KC 37

Richard Weatherill

DD 76
LF 47
DC 40
KC 35

This is probably wishful thinking (and I'm not necessarily talking about DD!).

Jacob Traff

DD 77
DC 62
KC 36
LF 23

Ronald Collinson

DD: 71
KC: 48
DC: 43
LF: 28
Other: 8

For no reason at all, I have a feeling that at least one other – whether it be Leigh, Cash, May, Redwood or some other Joe or Josephine – will throw his or her hat into the ring.

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