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Adrian Sherman

I think it's a firm pledge. I expect Lait to be joining Clarke as well.

Interesting that Fox has got 15 new backers, I wonder if they all sign a letter to the Telegraph, endorsing him? Could be somewhat of an uneasy alliance in the Fox camp as he has also got some social libertarians onside like Greening, Hands, Newmark.

Even though Cameron is now on 32 public pledges, I'm still going to stick my neck out and say he'll fall at the first. The Davis camp simply cannot afford Cameron going throgh next Tuesday, which is why I reckon 5 of them will back Ken or Fox, whichever looks weaker. Fox can't afford Cameron to go through either, but he hasn't the numbers to vote tactically, unLike DD.


Back to the topic of this thread - Do we know who these 15 who are coming out for Fox are yet?

BBC News story at:

John G

Higher in the thread, it is claimed that Cormack came out for Clarke yesterday. Is this true? If so, could he be updated?

Adrian Sherman

You'd be wrong if you thought that, MR.Dan. I'm a fully paid up member, a cliche I know, but for how much longer I don't know!


You're a paid up member?

I must say I didn't think so...

Who are you wanting to vote for on the final Ballot?


"Do we know who these 15 who are coming out for Fox are yet?"

I get the impression they are Cornerstoneites from the article as it then says

"There will be no formal announcement from the Cornerstone Group of right-wing MPs."

As Liam would be the obvious choice for some of them my guess is this is the source of the new support.

To be honest I am rather surprised I felt Fox was on the ropes and this would be a major boost. Although I still think he'll be the first to go, that is by no means certain with this news.

Adrian Sherman

You can think what you like 'Dan', doesn't really bother me what you think.

I hope to be able to vote for Dr.Fox in the final round, not least because I backed him at 25/1, a month ago.


Who would I like then Adrian?

Adrian Sherman

I read that Douglas Carswell has declared for Cameron, whist John Penrose has done likewise for Clarke.


In the end I think it will be Fox, he is starting to break through and I think he has more support than most people are prepared to say. There's hope yet.


I am pretty confident on the two David's being the final two. Less sure on who will win.

If Fox were to make it through I don't think it would be a good thing for the party to have two right wingers as the candidates. I'm sure plenty would disagree with me, but having seen a modernising Portillo and Ken Clarke rejected in the past we just keep on giving the impression to the country that we are a right wing clique and in general that is unappealling to the electorate.

When I see right-wingers declare their disgust for Cameron & Clarke, I wonder what the problem is. If you are in the centreground of this party you have had to make do with right winger after right winger as leader, yet when there is the suggestion of a moderniser or Ken getting in some (not all by any means) from the right start throwing their toys out of the pram. I'd like to think we are all one party.

James B

The Telegraph has also reported that Sir Patrick Cormack is backing Ken. That's up to 23 for Ken.

James B

Hazarding a guess at who the 15 backers of Liam Fox might be:

Brian Binley, Peter Bone, Angela Browning, Bill Cash, Christopher Chope, Robert Goodwill, Gerald Howarth, Edward Leigh, Julian Lewis, Owen Paterson, John Redwood, Andrew Selous, Robert Spink, Andrew Turner, Angela Watkinson.

Any ideas?


Gerald Howarth is a good man, he's a minister for Shadow defence. If he's onside then Fox will have a real asset. Not sure if Redwood would bring anything to the table, he appears to be a bit of a hate figure at the moment.

I know there are certain MPs who have already declared for Davis but are planning to vote Fox, they just cant say so publicly - they don't want to break the promise of public support.

Andy Stidwill

According to recent posts, two newspapers have stated Patrick Cormack's support for Ken Clarke, so I was wondering why his name hasn't been added to the list.

Paul Leeman

Why is it taking so long to add Patrick Cormacks name to Ken Clarkes list? Is it because he is the publics choice and we dont want to be seen doing what the great British electorate want us to do.

James Hellyer

Or is it because Tim is a) busy and b) human?

Or are we still sticking with the conspiracy theories?


Sir Patrick Cormack has now been added to Mr Clarke's list and I've added James Brokenshire to David Davis' tally. Sorry for the delay folks.


Every time I come onto this blog recently I have to pinch myself because I'm thinking I've just arrived on a Harry Potter set. Can the anti Davis fans get a life as like Portillo last time there is a difference between hard and soft votes. Davis this time 66 Portillo(first round) 46 hard votes. Both then and know they have the problem of getting the required amount to get on the membership ballot. Portillo it was 10(he got 7) Davis 1. That is the reality, not again the Harry POtter stuff we got here at the moment.


I wonder wether anyone else has seen the mistake made by the Times today in terms of backers of Liam Fox(in terms of numbers). Hate to be their prove reader?

Selsdon Man

"Hazarding a guess at who the 15 backers of Liam Fox might be:

Brian Binley, Peter Bone, Angela Browning, Bill Cash, Christopher Chope, Robert Goodwill, Gerald Howarth, Edward Leigh, Julian Lewis, Owen Paterson, John Redwood, Andrew Selous, Robert Spink, Andrew Turner, Angela Watkinson."

Any ideas?

Andrew Selous is a whip and cannot declare. John Redwood and Angela Browning are not a member of the Cornerstone Group.
Chris Chope is close to Davis. Some Cornerstone Group members have already declared for Fox - Swayne and Burrowes. Andrew Rosindell is missing from your list.

Selsdon Man

Robert Goodwill is reported to be wanting a choice between Cameron and Fox.


Am I the only one who thinks this should be a public ballot, like voting in the house of commons?


Lait and Key backing Cameron must surely be very bad news for Ken.


Selsdon you don't seem to have read the Times about Rosindell?

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