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Fancy a spliff, Tony?

Daniel Vince-Archer

TB: "I hear you're a man of substance."

DC: "We all err and stray in our younger days... Did David Davis put you up to this?"



Deeply profound....must be a great relief to Douglas Hurd. Do your arguments ever get structured ?

Mr Cameron

Yo man diz yiz want zome weed man. or are you too square man go on live a little like me take some hard stuff and then call anyone who doest take drug a wieredo. yo dude, then say it's been really tough getting over the addiction.

Tim Roll-Pickering

Rick do you not recognise the allusions in my post?


Tony Blair was asking for directions, its not often he goes anywhere near the House of Commons.


"Rick do you not recognise the allusions in my post?"

No. I do not.


If I had a say in who wins this contest it'd be Selsdon Man, I think his suggestion (below) is fab.

"Just wait until I get ahold of that Shaun Woodward!"

James Maskell

We now have the results. It was reported in the papers today. Its something like...

TB: Hows the contest going?

DC: Its going well, thank you very much.

Pretty boring I have to say but a meeting of the two "leaders".

Selsdon Man

Most kind, AnotherNick. Mr Woodward might be tempted to add "That's Life" from his exile in Belfast!

Tim Roll-Pickering

Rick to answer your questions, a Douglas Hurd is slang for a third. Desmond Tutu is a 2:2, Attila the Hun a 2:1 and Geoff Hurst a first.

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