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My order of preference is:
1) Cameron
2) Fox
3) Davis

And that would be it. I could never support Clarke for leader.

I like Cameron because he will adapt the party, which is badly in need of a refreshening, without abandoning core party beliefs. I believe he will attract a lot of new voters while keeping the current supporters happy.

I like Fox because i am a right wing Thatcherite at heart, and i think he comes across very well. I do not think he can attract many floating voters though, but i think his charm would go down quite well.

I don't particularly like Davis, but i would support him if he won.

If clarke won i would resign my membership as i believe the Conservative party i love would no longer exsist under his leadership.

Adrian Sherman

It's no good preaching to the converted all the time. My main consideration is who will regain the millions of lost Tories. Unless the people I mix with are unrepresentative of the public, that man is Ken Clarke.

I say this as a 'Right' wing conservative but to deny the electorate the candidate who's head and shoulders above the others, would be an utter folly and a mistake the Tories should be punished for.

Forget petty obsessions on this or that. I've swallowed my pride; let's start being seen as a government in waiting and back Clarke.

Richard Carey

Daniel -

"Forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't Helen Clark defect after the election? Perhaps attacking her is breaking the 11th Commandment after all!"

Well, she cetainly tried to defect, but I was never aware that she successfully joined - I certainly spoke at the time to several senior volunteers and professional in the Party who seemed to share my view that this would not be a good thing for us... (If anyone knows otherwise, maybe I'm guilty as charged!)

Also, trashing and defecting from your own party is not a very credible thing to do just after standing on their platform. As it came about 48 hours after I'd stood there and listened to her rant at her count about how Labour will be back in that seat, I could give it even less credence!

I know this is a mildly off-topic post, but hey, attacking "Labour" is always more fun, isn't it?

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