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sounds like cribbing to me. I assume that most of that came from cameron bearing in mind that he has been policy coordinator but it does bode well for the future. If they essentially agree the quetion is who is going to be the best to translate the policy to the electorate and make the country vote conservative. Got to be smarmy dave no?


Neither France nor Germany can afford their healthcare system: Germany is closing hospital beds and doctors have been striking. Read up on events at Charite in Berlin.

I doubt the average British family would like to fork out £300/month for healthcare - a sum matched by employer. Nor would they like to pay 16% VAT on prescriptions as German health insurers do.

Maybe Germany and France have bankrupted themselves and are looking at cost control in the UK as a way forward. It seems strange to take two hugely indebted countries and boast about their health care system which has bankrupted them both as populations age.

German and French doctors are emigrating - there is a huge shortage of doctors in rural areas of Germany and Germany has started on rationing demand by user fees at surgeries of £7/quarter. Demand rationing will be the way forward in the UK with people paying to see a GP to cut down demand but none of the Tory candidates will dare suggest what the policy papers tell them is inevitable.


At least you can't say they're not learning from Blair. As soon as one of them has an idea, the other ones copy it.

Selsdon Man

The Dr's policies are similar on most issues. All candidates supported the war in Iraq.

It is only fair to point, editor, that Mr Cameron has talked about pensions and the need for possible compulsion.

The main differences will be on drugs, Europe (EPP) and criminal justice policy.

Selsdon Man

Does anyone know the views of Davis and Fox on road pricing? It is a personal interest.


All politicians are in favour of compulsion on pensions on the revenue side even if they call it "Contributions"; it is the expenditure side we need to be wary of, because that is where they cut the entitlement and the level of payout. Just as Barbara Castle brought in SERPS Margaret Thatcher outsourced it and cut the earnings link on pensions

Michael McGowan

DC's enthusiasm for "co-payment" and "user fees" is something to be concerned about. In the Blairite form in which he advocates them, they are simply a form of tax. You might as well describe VAT and stamp duty as a "user fee".

I also find the sniping at the French and German healthcare systems overdone. There is little evidence that they are any more bankrupt than the NHS. Moreover, as a very grateful recipient of life saving treatment from the French system, I know that it provides a level of patient responsiveness unheard of in this country outside the private sector. Yes, there are wasteful aspects to the French and German systems but these are not integral. Both countries currently have surplus healthcare capacity. Why does the Government not simply buy in some of that capacity en bloc to clear NHS waiting lists? I thought that was the whole point of the EU Single Market. Perhaps Cameron should suggest this ......but in public at least, he seems to subcribe to the myth that the NHS is the envy of the world.


I can't understand on a flat tax why people are getting rid of the top rate first rather than the basic rate. Cost less(twinned with VAT) and hopefully with inheritance and capital gains done away with would be a vote winner?

Jack Stone

Its clear that on policy there are few differances at the end of the day between the two but I think what gives DC an advantage over DD is that he as the ability to sell the party better to voters who would never think of voing for a DD lead party and also I think DC as realised the scale of the change the party as to go through to become electable whereas DD seems to fall in the one more heave camp or as I think of it as "one more defeat".

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