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Jonathan Sheppard

Ed - in previous leadership elections have the newspapers treated them like a General Election - in that they have come out for one candidate or another, or is this a new phenomenon?


The leader I would like to see in order of preference:

1. Cameron (by far)
2. Clarke
3. Fox
4. Davis (Not at all)

Good luck David Cameron today - he has the charisma and clarity to reach out beyond our core vote.

James Burdett

I certainly can't remember it, I think it shows that this contest has actually had the impact of re-engaging vast numbers of people and the 4th estate with the Tory party. This has then fed back into the campaign as everyone who has a say MPs and members judge who best to exploit this new found interest. Let's hope that we get it right...


Jonathan: I think all the Tory newspapers have endorsed in the past. The Mail supported Clarke last time, The Telegraph backed IDS. I can't remember there being so much interest from other newspapers. Much of the credit for that must go to David Cameron.

Jonathan Sheppard

Michael - but would you rather have Davis than Gordon Brown running the country?

Justin Hinchcliffe

I agree with Jonathan Sheppard. Attila the Hun would be better than DD.


Jonathan, yes, I'd rather have David Davis running the country than Gordon Brown. Problem is, I think floating voters would rather have Gordon Brown.

Selsdon Man

We are waiting for our editor's endorsement. Come off the fence, Tim!

Selsdon Man

The silence from the undeclared Cornerstone MPs is mysterious. There are also several other rightwingers and possible Clarke supporters who are staying silent. They hold the key to to today's vote.

Justin Hinchcliffe

Is Edward Leigh standing? (-:

Mr Cameron also wins the backing of the Daily Star this morning

Communist pornographers for Cameron! It's not much of an endorsement is it?

Justin Hinchcliffe

Who cares? Get a life!


Selsdon Man: you won't have to wait long. I'm posting my endorsement at noon-ish...

Justin Hinchcliffe

Why not now? What's with all these silly games?


Selsdon the cornerstone couldn't hold the key to a door. The reason why they have not declared is probably so that they can vote for Fox to keep out Clarke and then Davis to beat Cameron.

Justin Hinchcliffe

That's why it's called the Tombstone Group...

James Hellyer

Dr Fox has failed to win the public backing of many Cornerstone MPs but Geoffrey Cox (no less than the MP of 'our own James Hellyer') endorsed the good doctor overnight.

Good on that man!


"Why not now?"

Because I have to write it, Justin!


Wasp that's an awful thought, but they don't have the numbers do they? If they eject Clarke, his votes will go to Cameron, which will see a Cameron v Davis or Cameron v Fox run off?

What cornerstone might do, is vote to keep Clarke in, so that it's a Davis v Clarke run off, with the view that the members will elect Davis.


I've always thought all Summer that Davis wouldn't be leader. Increasingly, I think he's finished, as there seems to be a growing consensus that the man to beat Cameron among the members is Liam Fox.

Owenite Adrift


But would the cornerstone-rs want to risk letting Clark in before the membership against Davis?

The YouGov polls of the membership still suggested that Clark would beat Davis if it came down to it, amongst the grassroots… I’ll admit he wouldn’t be nearly as formidable a candidate amongst the membership as would Cameron, but a Davis win over Clark would not be a sure thing. Although in the end I think that the same factors would do for Clark as they did in 2001 against IDS… though I doubt he’d suffer the same kind of landslide defeat that he did four years ago.

Personally I’d like to see a Fox vs Cameron finale, don’t see it happening though…


Owenite, yes I think you're right, the Davis camp are clearly running out of options. They are facing the prospect that almost any of the contenders are more attractive to members and floating voters than their man. Which is why I think the Davis vote will collapse on Thursday as the right shifts to Fox?

Mark Fulford

I have been wrestling with this question: why an MP would bother voting for Davis? In the context of a secret ballot, I think it's plausible that the Davis vote would collapse to Fox today (Davis out, Fox in 1st place). I've backed my wild theory with a punt down at Betfair. It's the same sort of logic that sees me with a magnum of Champagne at every General Election: no matter what happens, I end up happy!

Tom Greeves

This IS exciting Ed!

And the most exciting thing is I can't work out who you'll be backing!


OK, let's try to guess who the Editor will back. It won't be Ken Clarke. He's unimpressed with DD, though not unsympathetic. He seemed to like DC, but then focused strongly on the drugs issue and has been complaining about lack of substance. He's been a bit quiet on Fox, but Fox most closely represents socially conservative and neo-con views. So as a man of principle, rather than a populist, I would expect the Editor to back Fox.

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