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I agree that the media campaign
has been orchestrated across the
board, and Tory MPs have fallen
for it, but I think on this occasion it might backfire.
Previous media campaigns have
been negative ones to undermine and ultimately destroy Thatcher
and IDS. This one has also
been against the Tory right, but
it has used Cameron hype to
achieve it, thereby boosting DC's
stature and standing in the eyes
of the general public so that
suddenly a Tory politician has a popularity and fan club greater
than anything I can remember,
and the ultimate casualties are
not the Tory right but Labour and the Lib Dems. There are signs that the media has realised this and is already
beginning to try and knock DC
off the pedestal they have erected, but it's too late.

It's only since the party conference that Fox seemed to have any chance of winning.
Unfortunately there just wasn't
enough time for his campaign to
build the momentum it needed.
But there's every chance that
many of his excellent policy
ideas will be taken on board by the party in the coming weeks and months.

henry curteis

OK John, close ranks and we'll see.


ED, please can we have an article on who won the two prediction competitions? I was close the first time and got it totally wrong the second. Who were the closest ones and who actually got the coveted prize?


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