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EU Serf



It's so amateurish isn't it?

Selsdon Man

How pathetic!

It says a lot about the man who appointed him!


Selsdon - more positive comments about your fellow Conservatives. He must have really upset you at some point.


If I had to compare the way in which the candidates are dealing with the press with let us say a snack in between meals, I'd say that:
DC is like a jam tart, shiny, shallow and sticky. Not quite a biscuit nor a cake but enjoyable nevertheless with a glass of milk.
KC would be a double-cholcholate muffin, twice as big today as they were 10 years ago but they still stick to the roof of your mouth and have to we washed down with gallons of black coffee.
LF would be like Sesame Snaps. Full of energy mixed with goodness. They set off all sorts of little explosions in your taste buds but can only be sold in small packets because you'd get sick of them if you had too many of them.
DD would like a Bourbon. A multi-layered chocolate biscuit sandwich with, unimaginatively, a choclate filling, but at least has the consistency not to disintegrate when you dunk it into a hot cup of tea.

Wat Tyler

Ed...and there was I thinking you didn't believe everything you read in the papers.


I can't be sure, Wat, that it's true but it 100% fits my knowledge of how Mr Mitchell does treat people.

Selsdon Man

Jules, I cannot be positive about incompetence. You simply cannot afford to make such mistakes, especially when it concerns the editor of a very influential national newspaper. I like Mr Davis but Andrew Mitchell was a very poor choice to run the press operation.


Andy - I loved your post, I compared them to cleaning products on another blog because someone's going to have to clean up a real mess.

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