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Wat Tyler

Selsdon- can't imagine why you think I don't like the current results.

Ed- all I'm saying is that just as we all (and if you don't, you should give it a go) go onto Libdem and Labour sites sowing confusion, I think we should assume they come onto ours and return the compliment.

Don't really understand your second point...nobody says Ken isn't popular- but polls say that doesn't translate into votes...bizarrely, the punters seem to want something more..

And DD didn't actually give a bad speech in Blackpool- it was the media deluge that turned it into one

DC to win? As things stand, it seems quite possible. But what was that thing about an "is" not making an "ought"? He's then got to do the actual job.

Finally, remember that just because you're paranoid, it doesn't mean they're not out to get you.

James Hellyer

And DD didn't actually give a bad speech in Blackpool- it was the media deluge that turned it into one

He didn't give a good speech though...

And Wat does have a point that this site is visited by Lib and Lab. A quick browse of the LD Youth Forum confirms that. But I don't think a "voodoo" poll is something to get worked up about anyway.


I've managed to rejig the poll so that the limit on voting once is total - not just limited to only once in any 24 hour period.

Nelson, Norfolk

I am sorry to say this but I have come to the conclusion that the time may have come for our MPs to drop DD from the race.

During this campaign he has not shown any real leadership skills and he does not inspire people.

Lets have a Cameron/Fox final. That would give us members a real choice.


"You can't vote more than once in a 24 hour period. The software logs your IP address to stop that. So "Rick" wasted three clicks..."

Big boys use proxy servers

Wat Tyler

I've just been...ahem, helping those nice LibDems over at PoliticalBetting.

Re our earlier discussion, owner Mike Smithson (ex-BBC LD) has been coming under fire for being too Cameron-biased.

See, I don't think LibDems are quite like us. We're cynical and hard, and if we were voting in a voodoo LD poll like this, we'd vote for the LD leader we'd think easiest to beat.

But they're not like us. They're romantics- midddle class protesters and hippies. They come over here and vote for the leader they'd actually most like to have.

I stick by my earlier comments, and urge you all over to PolBet to take a look. Better still- have some fun.

Cllr Iain Lindley

I've been a semi-regular poster over at PB for some time, and although Mike Smithson is definitely a Liberal Democrat, he's not been an activist for some time, and he's making a more-than-decent pot of money betting on politics. His primary motivation is a successful bet!

Wat Tyler


That's certainly his line. But I say activist, schmactivist. Once a LibDem...

It's not you is it?

Cllr Iain Lindley

Mike is a real person - he works at the University of York and as a York alumnus myself I had a letter earlier in the year from one of his staff.

free democrat

To answer the original question if I were an MP I would vote for David Cameron, because presumably as an MP I don't want to be in opposition permanently. Fox seems to enjoy politics on the margins, Clarke would tear the pary apart, Davis might believe in change but can't seem to sell it whereas Cameron doesn't just stand for modern Conservatism he embodies it. People like him and will want to vote for him. It's a simple choice.

James Hellyer

Cameron doesn't just stand for modern Conservatism he embodies it.

What does this mean? What is "modern Conservatism"? It was empty enough a term when Davis used it!

Matthew Oxley

What is clear from this survey is the emergence of Dr FOX above all others.

Clearly now, with no disrespect to Davis who is obviously a great man, Dr Fox is the only choice on the right - given this poll, being one of the most Up to date around ought to be forwarded to MP's who are voting, so they know the views of hundreds of keen party members.

It's important too that the Right-wing MP's realise they MUST put Dr Fox up as he is clearly emerging as better man to put up a challenge to Cameron.


I don't care about who is the candidate to challenge another candidate, I care about who is the candidate to challenge Tony Blair. That is clearly David Cameron.

I saw him twice at the conference and he really was excellent. I saw Davis twice and he really was terrible.


Don't you know Mathew that Dr Fox is not right wing?According to some of his supporters on this blog if you call him rightwing you are trying to smear him if not 'demonise' him!


This is hysterical! The disbelief of the Foxites and Davisites that their men are not romping home - 'it's all a fix' etc. etc.. In fact, this poll is entirely consistent with properly sampled polls in the press.

Matthew Oxley

Sorry Malcolm, I'm only going along with general consensus, Fox has the cornerstone backing him and is obviously to the right on many issues, however, the difference is that Foxy would manage to put a caring front onto our politics.

It's too complicated to state Fox's position on multiple axis' each time I refer to the ground he is looking to take.


I agree with the last post regarding Dr Fox, he seems genuine, honest and he will take a tough stance on some major policy dividers.
He will make the difficult decisions that has been sadly lacking in this Country.
He would make the perfect PM!!
World and Brussels take note for one day I'm sure he will be. ( I for one hope your enjoyable poll is incorrect though) ;-)
getting down to the last 2 and I'll vote for him.
With Cameron, I'm sure it's a case of any news is good news......he's never off the box!

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