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Tommy G

Doubtless they'd ALL like to be considered 'The Real Thing'.

But which one is our answer to Coca-Cola?!

for Cameron, who I'd wager has a high opinion of himself:
"Because I'm worth it!"

Paul Marks

It is a bit unfair to say that Dr Fox is a "neoconservative" - I know he is close to President Bush, but that does mean that we can assume that he was one of these ex Democrat (who are still, of course, social democrats in domestic policy) "L.B.J. all the way" types.

It is not that Mr Clarke could not give a XXXX for Mr Cash's opinions (in fact I have never heard Mr Clarke use bad language at all), it is simply that he does not care about the fact that the E.U. is taking ever more power over people's lives.

This is rather too serious for a booze ad.

As for Mr Davis - is there an ad about a person using a false laugh?

I heard it the other day on a radio interview. It reminded me of what I.D.S. was told to do "laugh at the insulting questions" (which sounded terrible) it was not as bad, but it was still false.

I think Mr Davis has been badly advised in trying to use mirth - it does not work for most people (I know Mr Clarke uses it effectively, but most people can not it just sounds false). I am fairly humourless myself.

I think he would be better off to go with what is clearly his instinct and be serious.

After all the time is comming when a Public Accounts Committee type will be needed - as I (following many other people) have often said, the government's finances are much worse than they look. In a little while govenment spending is going to have to be cut.

On Mr Cameron: There is no track record to go on, friends of mine say he is no good on basic policy - but really we can not know that, he might turn out to be O.K. It is almost like picking someone at random to be leader, they might be good and they might not.


DD - Mr Muscle (loves the jobs you hate)
or - Bounty - let's face it spills happen
or - Surf - look on the bright side

LF - Bold - Ocean (let your senses decide)
or - British Airways - fly the flag

DC - Cillit Bang - old penny good as new" in 15 seconds
or Persil with Fizz - Fizzably whiter and brighter
or Privilege Insurance - you don't have to be posh to be priviledged

KC - Persil Washing up Liquid - there's more to life than washing up
or - Domestos Bleach - thicker to last longer (around the middle)

MR - John Smiths Extra Smooth Bitter - No nonsense
or - Persil - Look good, play good - getting them ready for tomorrow

'It is a bit unfair to say that Dr Fox is a "neoconservative"'

I think the Editor meant it as a compliment

Selsdon Man

Liam Fox favours tax and spending cuts and is not a true neo-con. The neo-cons do not like spending cuts. Bush increased government spending by 35% in his his first term - more than Lyndon B Johnson and four times more than Clinton!


How about for Cameron, "Things Can Only Get Better".

After all, he's borrowed everything else from Blair in '97, why not have the slogan too.

Floating Voter

Davis the Heineken Man? More like the Horlicks man who bored the activists to sleep!

Daniel Vince-Archer

Hopefully Ken will prove to be the Guinness candidate: GOOD THINGS COME TO THOSE WHO WAIT

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