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Countdown to Gordon Brown

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James Hellyer

This isn't repositioning; George has been using the term "flatter" for ages.

Gary Monro

'Flat tax'... 'flatter tax'.... 'FAT tax!'

He's going to tax us until the pips squeak. Remember folks, you read it here first...

James Maskell

Its the "simpler" bit that still makes me think that hes still warm towards flat tax. His language on tax still works if you use the term flat tax rather than flatter tax. Hes gotta be thinking that people will pin him to the wall for the flat tax idea, should he take it, so he simply doesnt mention it.


I think he has always made clear that he would like to flatten and simplify the tax system. I personally believe that an entirely FLAT TAX is fine for new capitalist countries in the East of Europe, but i think it would cause to much damage to our Economy. I think that George Osborne has reached the same decision, Flatter and simpler taxes, but not a completely flat tax, and i support him 100%.

James Burdett

This was one of the best 'non-contender' speeches at the conference. I think it shows that he is capable of living up in part to some of the hype.... I think he is absolutely right to advance the cause of wide-ranging thinking in the next few years. The problem is what happens after the leadership election when the new leader wants to create his team. In my estimation he is only really safe with Cameron, hence is backing for the same....

Cllr Iain Lindley

I think he's got the language right. Unless it is set unfeasibly low, a flat tax hurts middle-income earners, the very people we are trying to win back to the Conservative cause (our success in regaining support in this bracket in May reduced notably the further away from the south-east you went).

Particularly given the recent tax-credits fiasco, a flatter, simplified tax system is a winner - and that's even before you introduce the prospect of tax reduction.

Laughing Hillbilly

Is it too cruel to say that the only positioning George O is going to be doing is moving out of his present job on 7th Dec?



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