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Countdown to Gordon Brown


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Agree withe every word editor.Perhaps as a very small start the Conservative Party could send an introductory pack with names and addresses of local officials,encourage local officials to send a letter of welcome to new members and design a web-site which is interactive.A blog?!
My own experience of rejoining the party earlier this year was very negative.Joined via the web-site,it took my money twice,after a few weeks I got a card and...that's it.
This is hardly the way to attract and retain members.

Jack Stone

I agree entirely with the above.The party should not only have its own blog which would be a useful vechile to discuss and put forward new policys and ideas for the future but I think the party should give members more avenues than they do at present to raise money and encourage new members into the party.
Local party`s should also automatically mail a welcome pack to all new members which they do not do at present.
When the party talks about change I don`t think this should just apply to policy and stragedy areas but also the way the party actually runs its affairs, raises money and encourages new members into the party.


Are you trying to pretend you're interested in the fortunes of the Conservative party Jack?

Michael McGowan

Let's not be nasty to Jack. He and I have our differences but the point he is making is a very good one. I let my membership lapse three years ago and didn't vote this May. Until the Tory Party (a) ends its rampant indiscipline and self-loathing at Westminster; (b) starts standing for something positive, aspirational and distinct from New Labour; and (c) treats its members better than dirt, I'm in no hurry to rejoin.


As badly as our party has performed and behaved it is still better than this disgusting government Michael. Change is always easier to effect from the inside so my advice is to rejoin and get involved,you might be suprised at the number of warm,generous public spirited people you meet.
BTW Jack is a troll.

Jack Stone

Firstly Malacolm I am a Conservative and will be voting in the coming election.
Secondly the differance between me and you is that I will be proved right by what I say is the route the party should go down you will not.
Thirdly anyone who believes for one minute that anyone but Ken Clarke or David Cameron is going to stand a chance of winning the next election is either deluding themseleves or putting there head in the sand.

James Hellyer

Only Nixon could go to China.


If I have been rude to you unfairly Jack then I humbly apologise.However I have never met another Conservative who is as disparaging of our party as you have been.Are you sure that you don't prefer Brown or Kennedy to Cameron or Clarke?


No more 'troll' comments please. Let's keep the debate lively and direct but never personal.


OK Editor sorry.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"No more 'troll' comments please. Let's keep the debate lively and direct but never personal."

But it's ok for Jack to gratuitously smear anyone who doesn't fit in with his rather blinkered view as a right-wing bigot without offering either justification or apology when he is challenged?

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