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No Oberon it is not. Germany has just had a growth downgrade to 1.2% (if they are lucky) and Germany represents I think 0.5% growth for the UK economy.

The US is heading for some kind of slowdown/slump and that wil knock down Uk growth to say 1.6%.

Tory plans were reasonably holding public spending growth below growth of the GDP to create some reserves (for tax cuts, or contingency) but Brown has a PFI Debt Mountain somewhere which boosts National Debt to 60% + of GDP and is a huge contingent liability when the PFI deals need refinancing.

The Tories just could not get the message across because they do not present clearly. Everyone can comprehend that you don't pledge your pay rise to Visa for the next ten years unless you go on a diet.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Yes sorry the cannabis law is a little vague. I guess that strictly speaking the act of smoking cannabis is not illegal, but then again, in the strictest sense of the words, I don't see how one would be able to smoke a joint without either buying or owning it? After all, is it not the case that possession signifies ownership (temporary or otherwise)?

Oberon Houston

Rick, yes you are right about the figures, however for the year it will be 1.6-1.9%, which is less than 2.5% pleged by the Tories. It seems that we are good at winning the arguement and losing election.

PFI is another area of big concern, however Brown knows that a large chunk of popular support runs on sentiment and not analysis of how he fiddles the books.


Smoking cannabis is completely illegal, as is buying and owning it. Its just that it has now been re-classified as a class C drug which means that the penalties for smoking, possessing and buying are less and the Old Bill are likely to either just confiscate it or just turn a blind eye to it, in order to apparently concentrate on more serious offences (and keep crime figures down of course).

If it was legal to buy it some corporation would have cashed in by now.

Personally I couldn't care less if Fox has had gay experiences just like it doesn't bother me if Cameron has taken drugs. What would bother me more is if David Davis became leader of the opposition!!

Robert D

It is illegal to deal, possess and use Cannabis. It is a Class C drug (downgraded from Class B). In practice, the police are unlikely to do anything unless you deal on a scale to stagger humanity.

IMHO, either lock up/fine users, or legalise it. Be consistent. I have no strong opinion either way but turning a blind eye to lawbreaking is stupid.

I think the Fox story was just an ambush by journos and he dealt with it off the cuff. It's too much to read much into a remark when the newshogs come up to you.


"Camp Davis, where else?"

I don't think so. Neither do I think that the Cameron drugs story came via a rival. Newspapers want stories about high profile politicians and these stories could come from anywhere. Very harsh on Fox it should emerge this afternoon.

The stance of Cameron & Fox to draw a line over which personal life should not be discussed should be applauded, such action in it's own little way, makes future 'background' stories less likely to emerge.

James Maskell

The Cameron situation is different than the Fox situation. With Fox it was a rumour, nothing more. With Cameron it came from perfectly justified questions which he didnt dispel properly.

Richard Carey

"Frankly, the Tory Party has exposed itself as vacuous and the plaything of PR men and the media claque"


"yo me i iz feelin rite on dude, thinks fur yer support"

Well, it's proof positive in at least two instances that trolls can't spell, or quite possibly can't think... (and yes, I know that you'll all be keeping a hawk-eye out for typos in my posts now - thank you!)

"Another 4 years of opposition looms unless the Party can grow up and realise that people have no problem with homosexuality at all."

James, I couldn't agree more - well said! Like you, I hope that the strangely out-of-touch "moralisers" in the party can do the right thing and leave this well alone. We are (acknowledgements to MH) a party for all Britain and all Britons, and if we truly wish to be seen as the party of personal freedoms and responsibilities in this modern age we will not cast disapproving glances at people's private lives.


The fact that Dr Fox regards suggestions of his being gay as a 'smear', tells us all we ever needed to know about his much vaunted concern for the 'broken society'. It was always a back-to-the-1950's campaign scantily dressed up in 21st century clothing.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Gareth, untrue allegations/speculation designed to deliberately discredit a person can be considered to be a smear.

In any case, could you please explain your assertion that "the fact that Dr Fox regards suggestions of his being gay as a 'smear', tells us all we ever needed to know about his much vaunted concern for the 'broken society'"?

I'm probably being thick but I don't see how the two things are related. Or was it just a gratuitous attack from a Cameronite on Liam Fox?

James Hellyer

"The fact that Dr Fox regards suggestions of his being gay as a 'smear', tells us all we ever needed to know about his much vaunted concern for the 'broken society'"

Or possibly that some people had tired to damage him politically by making out that his whole life was a sham - that was the smear.


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