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Sean Fear

You'd be happy then, Jack, with an economy that is gradually grinding to a halt?

I want an economy that is thriving, not a French or German style model of stagnation.


"We have to fight the next election on Labour`s ground": that, Jack, is a true, self-admitted 'loser strategy'. I'd say it's the very definition of a loser strategy. You've lost before you even begin.

We will never win on Labour's ground. Isn't that bleedin' obvious? Nor will we win on a ghastly re-make of Thatcher's ground, I freely admit. We need to win our our ground, which must be of this moment, without accepting the Labour/BBC/Guardian consensus.


A two tier candidates list [ie "Gold list"] is not acceptable to me. If someone is good enough to be on the list, then he or she should be good enough to apply to any seat. This is a form of of social-engineering and must be stopped. Local candidates should be able to be fast-tracked on to the list to apply for their local seat, because a good local candidate has the best chance of winning. Also we must be able to select our candidates early, and candidates who are not local need to move into the area as soon as possible after being selected.


If (and thats a big IF) Cameron does support the Gold List of 100 variously shapped non-typical Tory candidates then I shall switch my vote to David Davis. If you are on the list you should apply to any seat and I do agree that local connections are good, though not necessary. I don't care about my local Tory MP being a one-legged-black-lesbian-dwarf, I care about him or her being the best person for the job and voting through a Conservative manifesto. Full stop.

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