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Sorry about my disgraceful spelling. Thats what a comprehensive education (and a hang over) does to you. I am amazed I even managed to get into university.

John Coulson

I apologise for this Editor in advance:

I have just watched a DVD of the 1st series of Little Brtain. The character who won't stop talking about being Mollie Sugden's (woman who played mrs slocam in are you being served) bridesmaid. Bringing it up in every conversation and generally shouting about it even though it isn't important and no one really cares.

Who does this remind me of? Cllr Iain Lindley!! At every available juncture making it known he is a Cllr. Booking restaurant tables in the name of Cllr Iain Lindley....well it amused me.

James Maskell

I knew someone who came from teh Ramsgate School and from what Ive heard is now at University studying Sociology with Criminology. She was way too clever for that school.

Cllr Iain Lindley

John, this is getting very tiresome. It is even more of a shame because this debate on schools has been one of the most interesting, detailed and civil discussions I've seen on here. Next...

John Coulson

Yes and I notice you sycophantically following the Cameron line. If I want an interesting, detailed and civil discussion I would go out with some friends who are Labour or Lib Dem supporters. Here is for banter and gossip. Lighten up Cllr!

How many people voted for you when you were elected Cllr?

Cllr Iain Lindley


I can see where you are coming from, but I assure you I am not making the same case!

These "20 new schools" would contain at most 10% (probably more like 5-8%) of the school population in our inner-city areas. That simply isn't choice.

In any case, how do you select for such schools? 5-10% isn't big enough coverage to make the test compulsory across any given borough. If test participation is self-selecting then many of the children most in need of such a school will not even take the test, through parental apathy or hostility.

I do take your point about grand gestures but I believe grammar schools are an issue where you either go the whole hog, or look for a different approach. If Davis is determined to press ahead with this case (and it is one he would have my support on if done properly) he should approach boroughs with the intention of introducing a Grammar School system fully in those areas. If it works, expand it.

Dotting schools randomly on the map will not improve standards for the overwhelming majority of children.

James Maskell

Just looked at the Council pages...Lindley did rather well despite what some here might think. E-governments great!!!

1 in 8 of those who did vote, voted for Lindley and second place out of 10 candidates. Quite hotly contested ward. He would have had to have campaigned quite hard... Only second by 21 votes!


James - "And since you brought it up buxtehude, my comment had absolutely nothing to do with Cameron. I have never supported him in a round." - sorry about that. Getting too worked up.

James Maskell

Dont wory buxtehude, we all say things we regret.

On the numbers, he was just 33 votes off not being elected at all. If 17 people had changed their votes from Lindley to the other Conservative candidate, Lindley wouldnt be a Cllr. Even the Lib Dems were in with a shot there in 2004. The election was held on a boundary change for almost every ward. Wierd...


"These "20 new schools" would contain at most 10% (probably more like 5-8%) of the school population in our inner-city areas. That simply isn't choice."

As you don't know what inner city areas are being referred to, your point is spurious.

John Coulson

From Lindleys website:

"I currently do political work in Rossendale and Darwen"

Could you expand on that please Cllr?

Cllr Iain Lindley

How many people voted for you when you were elected Cllr?

1010, for what it is worth, and I was the first Conservative to be elected in my area for 25 years. I work extremely hard for the Party and for residents in my area and it is a shame people like yourself have nothing better to do.

I sign my name off in the way I do to improve my google ranking. End of story. For god's sake change the record.

Graeme Archer

Sorry to be offkey but did anyone see the appalling article by Diane Abbott in the Standard this week? How that woman can dare to write an article about Labour and education policies is beyond me ... and it gives a useful perspective to the minor disagreements above. FWIW I think the "grammer skools in evry toun" is a headline grabber rather than the Solution To PostWar Educational Collapse... but it's an election campaign innit? I'm still voting for Dave C though innit :-0)

love from Hackney

James Maskell

Iain's got a point, lets get back to the topic at hand...what would we do to sort out the secondary system?

Cllr Iain Lindley

I have to say I find it rather strange that people seem more interested in delving into my personal details than discussing the future of our schools. Also rather strange that after being accused of self-promotion the same people are now asking for more detail...

Stefan Fraczek

Grammar schools are the single greatest asset of our education system; I know this from experience. As well as achieving excellent exam results, the behaviour of their pupils is amazing compared to that of those who attend comprehensive schools. It is a wonderful thing when you have a school of 800 gifted and talented youngsters who really want to learn and do well. Even inexperienced teachers can get fantastic results, because any disciplinary problems are so insignificant as to be laughable.

This is a policy that both candidates and the Conservative party as a whole should passionately campaign for, and congratulations to Davis for being the first to raise this fundamental issue.


of the current models, I'm certain that grammar schools are preferable to comprehensives, so I'm pleased to see this being suggested.

BUT (you knew that was coming) this is about winning a vote and then another one to become PM. All I hear from DD at the moment is very standard default Conservative thought, logic suggests it could be enough to win a vote among Tories, but it offers little hope to those who left us for New Lab/Libs. Now, I may be wrong, but I get the feeling this time that the membership is looking for a credible PM, and they (& I) perceive this to be Cameron. Yesterday Wat said he was confident in DD's ability to be PM - I agree he probably would be a safe pair of hands - although uninspiring, but Wat didn't comment on how DD would be elected as PM. I don't think a Davis led party is electable.

Also from "The seats we need to win lie largely in the midlands and the north - outside our southern comfort zone. I know how to win them." Why don't you tell us then David? No argument on his own constituency result, but if you know how to win all these seats enlighten us.

Cllr Iain Lindley

He came to the north today, and went to a safe Conservative seat. Practice what you preach...

Perpetual student

I think the tone of the last few pro-Cameron postings has been a bit off. You could actually make the same remarks against Cameron, eg: 'Change to Win: change what; win how?', and perhaps with more justification. At least DD has given us some meat in the last week - DC went to the seaside to be photographed standing next to a flag.

See? Cheap gibes don't advance the debate. Cameron must have some ideas of his own on education (he's the shadow education secretary). Let's hear 'em. What are they?

(PS: "Cllr" Iain Lindley - got any military decorations? honours? degrees? your public need to know)

John Coulson

Oh come on perpetual student, keep up. About a week ago Lindley was telling us about his degree from York in politics. What we don't know is the class of the degree. Now we are discussing education here so I shall keep to the topic in hand:
'Cllr' Lindley, do you think your secondary education stands you in good stead for your important role as a Cllr?

Remember the Christmas film It's a wonderful life? I think a remakeis required where Cllr Lindley muses as to what would happen if he wasn't a councillor - an angel descends and shows him the utter carnage that would result if Cllr Lindley were not in Salford to protect the interests of his constituents. At the end of this tour the good Cllr can sit back and think:
If I weren't a Cllr the world would be a much worse place, peole would be being poorly represented. I must go and advertise my position endlessly!


Iain is Altrincham super safe? I thought the difference between the Tories and Labour was only about 10%. If he wanted a truly safe area he could have visited Tatton or Eddisbury.

Please don't keep rising to the bait of the juvenile bullies on this blog. I would be proud that as a young man you put your time where your mouth is and work to better your community.

John Coulson

For the record: this isn't bullying it is a bit of harmless fun. If you come into politics expect a bit of lighthearted banter. We pick on Lindley because it is amusing and really indefensible what he does. I dont know Lindley but he reminds me of Tory boy off Harry Enfield! It isn't malicious what we say but my advice to him is to drop the Cllr prefix - it doesn't really do him any good and the claim about google is a bit suspect to say the least. I personally feel that 21 is too young to represent a ward but hey its democracy. I would like to be represented by someone with life experience not fresh out of unversity. We have seen this charge being levelled at Charlie Kennedy so I thought I would mention it.

I would also like to mention something that hasn't been mentioned before with regards the drugs question. I am a medical student. If i were found to have taken drugs I would be thrown out of Med School and be banned from practicing. This would not matter if I were 22, 38 or 65. Why should it be different for a doctor than for a man with ultimate responsibilty for the nations healthcare?

Cllr Iain Lindley

The majority in Altrincham and Sale West is 16.2% although it got a bit dicy in 1997. However, Greater Manchester epitomises our problems in the north, and Altrincham is currently the only Conservative seat in the area.

Davis could have sent a real message about reaching out here, and instead he visited the one part of Greater Manchester that is a) ours already and b) that looks to leafy Cheshire. He might as well have gone to Tatton, Congleton, or Eddisbury!

John Coulson

Because of course Macclesfield and Congleton are nowhere near Manchester?

Cllr Iain Lindley

They are neither inner-city areas, nor areas we need to win back!

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