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Jack Stone

Since the party lost power it as not remotely looked like an alternative government which it as to do if it is to have any chance of regaining power.
The party as to regain peoples respect that is why I fully support David Cameron when he doesn`t oppose the government just for the sake of opposing it.People respect this attitude far more than they do this insane punch and judy act that the Davis people seem intent on doing if they win.
Ray Malon as put into words what I feel many people feel about David Cameron.People want to have an alternative to Labour, they want to have an alternative government to Labour and people are rushing to support DC because they think he can deliver that.


Cameron's predecessor as Member for Witney has been far more consensual with Blair's policies and found himself so attracted to them he moved to St Helen's to get more in touch.

Anti-Regional Assembly Man

Mallon has had an interesting career, to put it mildly. He endorsed the Labour candidate in the Hartlepool by-election and has made pro-Labour comments. He isn't an independent.

He also endorsed the North East Regional Assembly at a time when it was miles ahead in the polls - only to see it thrown out by the voters by 78% to 22%. He embodied the new grown-up consensus politics by leading a mob to the doors of the No Campaign office and shouting through the door about why "arrogant Tory toff southerners" should be driven out of the North East (see Northern Echo, Newcastle Journal for 28 Oct 2004).

Cameron's new best friend?


Jack, if I want New Labour I'll vote New Labour, not Cameron. I've become unconvinced by DD but I'm still not interested in a Conservative-labeled Third Way, and those of you who embrace it are in for embarrassment in the future. (I'll take my embarrassment now and still refuse to fall in with the DC swoon-session.)


I don't think Cameron is "New Labour" at all. He supports tax cuts and deregulation. He supports limiting the role of the state. He is eurosceptic. He supports tax breaks for married couples.

These things hardly set him out as a Blairite New Labour boy. The -presentation- may be more similar to Blair than Davis' is, I accept that. But I think Cameron's idea of not opposing for opposition's sake is a good idea. It's adult and mature. It accepts that governments can, from time to time, come up with relatively sensible policies. It then gives the opposition greater legitimacy over attacking bills and policies they have a large objection to.

Oberon Houston

Its a cheap swipe at DC. I listened to David Cameron in an extended interview on Sky News on Monday where he talked mainly about the education bill. It was a joy to see a senior conservative on TV who came across as personable, nice and reasonable.

Its not Blairism, its being 'normal' in the eyes of ordinary people and talking in a language they can relate to, and in an up-beat tone that leaves people feeling positive about Conservatism. Thats not Blairism, it being a good politician, and if DD 'with all his experience' cannot understand that then... well it says it all really.


This is what I'm finding in the North East - people like Cameron the man - they don't care about his background. A positive, optimistic, appealing and compassionate Conservative Party would really help us in Cities like Durham City, where voters have gradually shifted away from us to the Lib Dems.

I haven't found anyone yet enthusiastic for David Davis or his message and as a one time Davis supporter that genuinely has surprised me.

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