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Sean Fear

Good. Cameron's victory has not been overwhelming, and he should now put his case to the members.


Yes good.I'm very pleased for Iain Dale who used to be a mate at university.Let's hope the next six weeks will be a good clean fight that will show our party in a good light to the whole country.

Jonathan Sheppard

Malcolm - as usual a great comment. There are six weeks to showcase the best of Conservative politics. Can't wait!

Daniel Lucraft

There's even a chance the media might lose interest for a few weeks in the middle, allowing the rest of us to take a more serious look.

Martin Curtis

It would still not surprise me if Davis stood down, IMHO he cannot win and losing would potentially be hte end of his leadership ambitions.

I hope not because I think the hustings will make the Party, and a lack of them would break the party. I hope David Davis puts up a better fight - although I suspect this wil be a Cameron walkover.

Sean Fear

That's the problem, Martin. I think that Fox would have provided stiffer competition in the run off.

Guido Fawkes

Have just bet on Davis at 9/1

Not because I think he is necessarily going to win, but because in a two horse race its good odds.


I've just listened on the radio to the candidates speaking after the resulst.

Cameron sound polished, said all the right things - re-interated his message.

Davis sounded so bland, there is no inonation in his voice. The way he attempts to get his message over is so uninspiring. It doesn't sound as if he belives it - how can he convince me?

Fox was gracious in defeat (although as a Tory he has had some practice in the last 8 years!) He had a little joke- pretending that he was about to name who he was going to back, only to say what the candidate should stand for.

Go David go!


I'm a Cameron fan (ok you probably knew that already) and this week has gone better than I'd dared imagine, but if the situation was reversed then I'd want my man to carry on & I do not think David Davis should step aside. Six weeks could make a big difference, but even IF Cameron is unbeatable, the next six weeks will significantly enhance his experience and we will have a better prepared Cameron as leader.

As long as the election is fought positively and without accusations then it will not do the party any harm, indeed in trusting the members to make the final decision it does the party a credit. I want Cameron to win, I think Cameron will win, but a I think a better prepared David Cameron will win on Dec 6th, to the one who would otherwise win on Oct 20th.

Mark Fulford

Sorry for a me-too post, but I'm a Cameron supporter and I also want the leadership to go to a members' vote. For the sake of the party, this leadership must be won fair and square.

James Burdett

Let me start by saying that both candidates have huge personal qualities to the extent that either of them would make better PM's than the present incumbent. However when choosing a leader we need to choose someone who can make the floating voter feel good about the Conservatives. Whilst both the candidates have credible policy positions and understand the huge task of improving out parties fortunes, there is only one who has that certain something to win over the millions of votes we need to win an election. That is David Cameron. Having said that I do think we will need to draw on Davis huge experience and talent to provide a credible alternative government. I think that Davis is a bigger man than to slink off just because he gets thumped in a membership ballot.

Selsdon Man

DD's speech after the vote was the best I have seen him give in a long time. It was confident and assured. The Cameron team should not take victory for granted - unlikely anyway.

James Maskell

There were too many pauses in his speech after the vote. He seemed like he was desperately thinking on his feet to come up with something good. He didnt move me at all. DC wins that contest. Fox did well too. Liked his bit about the endorsement. Hoped he would give a name but then he has 6 weeks to back someone. Hopefully Fox will get a frontbench job, Health or Home I would think. He has helped push the broken society point high up the agenda and should be allowed to help promote it further.


Why can't DD just enunicate a simple message? Maybe because he hasn't one. Will someone please, please help him.

James Maskell

Does DD have a proper speechwriter on his team? If not, it would be a great investment. As I understand it his team members havent exactly been charming the press recently but a speechwriter was a must have even before the campaign initially began.


I can't understand how they think they can just keep doing the same rubbish. Compare how Cameron performed after the vote, and DD. Cameron does his turn and goes. The media is forced to use what he gives them, his message. DD hangs around for ages answering questions. The media can take whichever snippet suits them.

This is basic, basic media handling. None of the losers around DD have a simple grasp. They refuse to learn. They refuse to change. They refuse to stop believing in their own brilliance. It's so sad. So many have invested real hope in DD, but the tragedy just goes on and on.

Andy Stidwill

I shall be the first and only person to predict a Davis victory in the members ballot. Davis - 50.3 %, Cameron - 49.7%

Richard Allen

Andy, you might be the first but you will not be the only one to predict a Davis victory. Inspite of a poor campaign I still believe that Davis is the man to lead us back to power and that Cameron is a deeply flawed figure. I say Davis by 53% to 47%

Tim Roll-Pickering

As long as the election is fought positively and without accusations then it will not do the party any harm...

You mean positively and without accusations like it's been fought so far...?


"You mean positively and without accusations like it's been fought so far...?"

It could have been better so far.

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