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wasp - not solar panels. The big problem is charcoal burning, huge areas of bush are cleared around towns to provide charcoal, reducing species diversity and decreasing forest cover. The Nationalist Chinese government had an initiative to develop Fuel Tree plantations 30 years ago in friendly countries in Africa before they were replaced by Communist Chinese embassies. Re-forestation and managed woodlands would provide employment to locals, stop the destruction of existing forest and be carbon neutral. For electicity supplies more investment in hydro-power would support both carbon reduction and provide water supply to deal with seasonal droughtsa nd increased food production.

Simon C

Re-reading Cameron's press release, it did refer only to trees.

More to the point though, my main complaint is that it was all a little lite. It didn't contain any new insight or challenge. It contained no serious discussion of our future energy needs & potential supplies, without which any environment policy is devoid of any context. All in all rather a disappointment.


Even Blair is seems to be coming round to a more sensible position regarding Climate change - well at least 'fiends' of the earth say he's losing the plot, so i guess he must be doing something right.

If Anthropological induced global warming (AGW) is a fact at all, and a great deal of climatologists and scientists are sceptical, the fact is even if Kyoto's targets are achieved, the material result would still be nil. Human activity only accounts for around 2% of CO2 emmisions, and reducing them to 1990 levels would only result in a 0.1% reduction of this, so i question the wisdom of such targets.

I think Cameron underestimates the costs required and overestimates the benefits provided by reducing emissions. Furthermore national policies on climate change are futile, it being a borderless issue. The best economic approach, and only realistic environmental approach, would likely be convergence with the worlds biggest polluter - the US.

Natural Climate Change is a reality, not a danger, my advice to Cameron would be to ridicule the government on its so called 'sustainable' developments, such as building 20000 new homes in the Thames Gateway, one of the first likely areas to go.


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