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When I loaded it the interview started around 28 mins into programme

David Hawkins

On my radio player I had to go to 26 mins into the programme - is it just a typo above?


I have no idea why you guys are having that problem. It's definitely 36 mins 32 seconds on my player. Strange. Thanks for the warning, though.

Stephen Alley

I'm so glad that Rhod Sharp's Up All Night program gets a mention on this blog. He has been running a weekly hour on blogs for quite a while, and is definitely way ahead of the curve. He may only present three nights a week (Mon-Wed nights) from 1:00 till 5:00, but it is almost worth staying up just to listen to him.

He is also, I think, one of the best interviewers in the business. Not overly confrontational, he actually lets the subject speak. He also doesn't go for the usual "devil's advocate" style of interviews, where both sides reinforce their positions, but he actually seeks to understand where the subject is coming from. Lastly, he never commits the crime, and it is almost criminal, of making statements when the interviewee is no longer on the line and can not respond.

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