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"Call me out of touch or traditinalist if you wish, but if Cameron, or any one of the leadership candidates, has ever taken cocaine, then they are utterly unfit to be leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister of Great Britain. Simple as that."

You're out of touch.

If he took drugs as a student or whatever, it has no bearing on his suitability to be leader now.

I believe the people pushing the drugs question are feigning their outrage. I believe that rather than attacking Cameron on policy, leadership, or anything that's actually relevant, they are setting out to score points on a non-issue because they can't score points on anything else. And dressing it up as anything moral, substantive or legitimate is cheap and tawdry.

David Cameron isn't being sneaky. He's not doing a Clinton, and trying to weasel out of anything. He's openly and clearly, if more politely, telling us that it's none of our damn business.

And he's right. It's not.

It's precisely this kind of judgmental, hypocritical, Back-to-Basics rubbish that stops people voting for us.

Henry Mackintosh

This 'personal privacy' thing for a would-be political leader confuses. If someone who wanted to lead a modern British political party had, for example, made racist remarks, 'years ago' and 'in private', would it be legitimate to want to know what, where, when and with whom? Or would the passage of time have absolved the racism? Or would the probable lack of illegality have made it irrlevant and 'personal'?

I mention all of this only because those people who say 'drugs don't matter' are really saying, 'drugs don't matter to me'. Fair enough, but they do matter to some of the rest of us, and Cameron's aspiring to lead us as too. You do have to suspect he'd rather there were fewer of us in the Tory party. Still, I now half hope he makes it through to the final two, as the hustings are going to be fun if he tries to keep this sort of nonsense going that long.

What odds over at Political Betting for Cameron imploding before Tuesday?

Mark Fulford

Innocent - you are too random for me.

Richard Allen

A friend (who I trust) tells me that a friend of his (who I cannot vouch for) has been told by a Mail on Sunday employee that they have a "career threatning story" about Cameron that will be published this week.

Henry Cook

That is interesting. I have to say it would have to be pretty bad to threaten his career. He's covered all his bases, in that if a story emerges, he can't be accused of lying. Only if it was seriously bad, like a cocaine habit 20 years ago, would it have a major impact. And if that is the case, I will swallow my pride and say I was wrong. I still have faith and confidence though. Time (or 24hrs from now) will tell.

James Maskell

The thing is hes made the story an issue by refusing to answer. Should he be suprized the story has sprouted legs? He has continually refused to answer, which has only helped make this story in a way overshadow the contest.


What a beautiful pinky-red sunset there is over London this evening.


and in in clean clear air of rural Wiltshire

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