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The feeling I get from the dozens of members I have spoken to is that David Davis will be resoundingly rejected. Should he come first with the MPs ballot that would then put real pressure on whoever becomes the leader if they have the support of less than half the MPs.

henry curteis

It's difficult for someone as 'intelligent' as Charles Moore to accept that such lowly beings as Party Members should be allowed to decide who will lead their Party. He claims a last minute conversion, but is it to be trusted?

Why does no commentator of whatever IQ level ever acknowledge that the most popular Conservative leader by far in recent times was IDS? Howard and Hague never came close to his level of public recogniton or support. Maybe intelligent types have to admit occasionally that 'you can learn from a fool' and even admit that they too suffer from the odd prejudice.

The commentariat only ever understand intellectual intelligence. That's about 10% of the total available - Charles Moore stands out as one of the better ones, but he too should learn to respect that the opinions of thousands of people with a range of intellectual levels will usually make better decisions than the supposed genius working alone. Have faith, Charles. It's called 'DEMOCRACY'.


This extra ballot would be an unwelcome distraction, also irrelevant, because these MPs would be giving their second, or in some cases their third choice. What is clear is that there is no consensus among MPs as to who should be leader, so they might just as well leave it to the members and then get behind the final choice. Of course since members only have two to choose from, we will never know if their choice would have coincided with that of the MPs

James Maskell

What a bad idea. My thinking is that the only justification would be so that in future, IF the next leader doesnt do well, the MPs can say "we told you so".

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