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Tom Greeves

So I just reach over his shoulder like this, put him in a headlock, and then snap his neck like a twig.

That's SAS politics.

James Hellyer

David Davis - proof that David Cameron isn't the only marionette in Conservative politics.


Leadership candidates react differently to the ‘No lighting up in the Conference Hall’ sign: Clarke fiddles with a surrogate cigar, whilst Davis plans a dull speech.


Davis demonstrates the Tories’ General Election technique “Talk to the hand because the Party ain’t listening”


Bye bye Liam! Bye bye David!

Selsdon Man

Say Hello Wave Goodbye (with apologies to Soft Cell)


Clarke: Gottle of Geer, gottle of geer!


Now this is what we call "Happy Slapping" Ken...

Mark Fulford

James Hellyer - proof that Fox fans aren't funny.

Selsdon Man

That's a bit harsh, Mark. You may not like Mr Hellyer but I have several friends who are supporting the Dr who have a great sense of humour - as do friends who are supporting the other candidates.

Tom Greeves

I like Liam AND David Cameron, and I'm a hoot.

Mark Fulford

Selsdon, I'm sure James will see the funny side of gentle ribbing. Nothing to do with dislike - James can be robustly abrasive, but I admire him. If I were putting together a shadow cabinet, he’d be in it.


Davis and Clarkes reation as their wives walk into the room.

Islington Neil

"Its goodnight from me . . and its good night from him"


Davies: It's ok everyone, I've found Ken.

paul d s

I'll just keep smiling and slip this stilletto blade in. No one will notice...


Here's the most up to date tory poll???

Nick Abbott

Davis "It's alright security, he's with me"

Sally Rideout Baker

David waves to IDS

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