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James Maskell

David Cameron knows how to have as much fun in London with his trousers on, thats been made wholly clear...

What an unfortunate photo!

James Hellyer

Gerry Anderson's "The Conservatives" - coming soon to a theatre near you!

Mark Fulford

Cameron reflects on Mail-Baiting.

Henry Mackintosh

'Try and hold the camera a bit steadier George'.

malcolm thomas

Outside London you see there's sheep n goats....... and folk who still believe Conservative policies....such fun to take for a ride...

Selsdon Man

Daniel, that is also below the belt if you excuse the pun. The idea of a caption competition is to get some witty and amusing suggestions. Let's have some humour please.


Spliffing, hey Wat!


Leadership battle becomes even more ridiculous: Pressure mounts on Cameron to 'come clean' as other leadership contenders claim to have never removed their trousers at University.


Dr Fox says "I have seen to many bridesgrooms without their trousers come into A&E on their stag-night to take a liberal view on such matters"


'George, does that apply to short trousers?'


I've deleted three entries that weren't either appropriate or weren't captions. I'll keep an eye on this thread!

James Burdett

"I have said before I will not discuss what goes on in the privacy of my hose...."


sorry editor, I was only joking, but i was obviously the only one who thought it was funny. Please don't ban me, after all surely with a caption competition you are inviting contravertial comments.

Mark Fulford

Can I vote any of Rob C's as being the best. Wonderful stuff! Definitely worthy of a ConservativeHome mug!


No, I am not prepared to undergo a body search, just read the notice!

Sally Rideout Baker

"There's no flys on me - an old but very vulgar saying"

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