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Sally Rideout Baker

Duncan Smith was ahead of Blair and now we are this far behind.



Left or Right, I'm definitely in favour. What do you think?

Henry Mackintosh

'And his Camden carrot was this big ...;

Matthew Oxley

Our Campaign is on the Up, honest!

Dave J

"DC said the spliff was this big..."

Mark O'Brien

"My oratory failed. Maybe my dancing will be better."

Sally Rideout Baker

I'm ready to help unravel your wool Michael.

...and I'm not a recent drug user!!!

Cutting taxes win elections

I'm telling you, David Cameron is a man of substance


Fly away Peter, fly away Paul

Blue ipod

Now look here all of you. I'm not Mr Nasty - I don't slag off my fellow candidates.

Daniel Vince-Archer

"So Mr Davis, how many of your declared supporters will stay loyal in this week's vote?"

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