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Busted Flush


I was fortunate enough to meet one of the women in this photo in Blackpool last night. She was not voting for DD, she told me... Liam would probably get her vote.


David Davis - What you see is what you get.

Mark Fulford

This morning on Radio 4 a female Telegraph journalist (sorry, missed her name) used Davis's DD chests as an example of how women have become devalued in the Conservative party. This is a big issue as we now have proportionately least female MPs and have lost most of the female vote. Jonathan, I hope you take note!


Mark you have a point. Some people have no sense of proportion (or humour) now.

Mary Ann Sieghard wrote in the Times On line "Imagine if May had persuaded some hunky young men to wear bulging jockstraps emblazoned with "May I". (I actually found that quite funny!) but she followed with "That gives you some idea how crass it looked."

Slight difference Mary Ann, the ladies didn't have D D on each tiny triangle of bikini fabric, nor did they have their a***s on show.

One persons tawdry is another persons taste.

Mark Fulford

Any again, on R4 Any Questions, the DD babes were used to ridicule Davis and the Conservative party as "old fashioned". That photo stunt was an own goal.


"DD puts a brave front on things!"

"On this showing DD will be way out in front."

DD - "I've got nothing to hide, and neither has my team."

My comment - lt's just have a bit of fun and be relaxed about it.


For Caption Competition 4:

"Four Weddings and a Funeral"

Sally Rideout Baker

The biggest tit? No! Not the one in the middle?

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