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"I feel a right ..."

"Who's your mate?"

"So these are the people getting on the List"

"He's given me Iain Dale's number!"

"That is a manifesto in my pocket"


"I'll take three for my office."

Mark Fulford

Some of the DD's look more like FF's to me. And with stunts like this, F for Fail is what he deserves. It is tacky to the extreme and shows incredible lack of judgement. Should Davis progress, this photo will haunt him. He claims to be "modern" but feminism has clearly passed him by.

James Hellyer

Davis enjoyed the company a lot more than the Conference

Philip Whittington

Is that Emma Webster on Davis's immediate right (left in pic)? (God help them both if it is!)

I used to be a Davis supporter but have been drifting to Clarke over the past two weeks. I agree with Davis more ideologically, but I'm fed up with Right-wingers who can't connect with the public.

Resorting to "I guess I have to look cool like you kids, now!" tactics like the above confirms this. We would expect a lot more of these if he became leader.

Clarke has mastered 'cool' by relaxing and being himself. That is not to say he does not care about how he is perceived, but he has the courage to be himself and knows this is the most savvy move in the long run.

Time will tell...


James Maskell

"Its not all backstabbing and briefing against your allies. There are some perks"

"You think David Blunketts got it...pahh!"


"Davis reveals how he pursueded the 66 backers"

"David Davis denies he is all front"

"And to think Ken only has Ann Widdecombe for company"

Jonathan Sheppard

Oh dear Mark - "feminism appears to have passed him by". Without prompting both my wife to be and then my mother of all people have asked me if I can get them a t-shirt! Seems like they are a hit with the ladies in my family (though Im not sure what to think about that!)

Awful caption (never been good at this)....

"Davis unveils his weapons of mass distraction"


DD More than a handfull

Jonathan Sheppard

Ha ha - excellent a tracy!


David, does this flat tax mean we'd get a rebate?

Mark Fulford

Taking a wider sample than your mother and wife-to-be, do you think it is a positive or negative image for the party? Does it illustrate modernism? Do you think it will win votes?

I think it's tacky, vulgar and not befitting a man who wants to be PM.

James Maskell

Have you seen the wristbands yet...nice! Ive got a very similar one with "MARGATE FC" on it. We were handing them out at the local carnival to huge success. It dont work with a political party though. As you say, tacky. But then if youve got the money behind you...


What's tacky and vulgar about it Mark, would you have all women walking around in sack cloth? These ladies seemed to be enjoying themselves I'm sure no-one forced them to wear the t-shirts.

It is the fact that we do live in a free society that allows us to express ourselves and be different and I celebrate that and wouldn't like to lose it. Don't take life so seriously all the time.

Jonathan Sheppard

I think you will find that it was one of the women in the picture who decided to produce the t-shirts - so the question should be addressed to her. My assumption was that you tried to assert it was somehow sexist - something I disagree.

Its about freedom and personal choice frankly - something which this party has proud traditions on, compared to the New Labour and their control freakery.

I don't think David Davis produced the t-shirts. I don't think the ladies were forced to wear them. And I think there are more important issues to concentrate on. The party wasn't too successful when it started moralising last time - remember back to basics!

I'd be interested to hear your sample who are so offended by these t-shirts!

If you are in Blackpool you will have your job cut out getting rid of everything you think is tacky and vulgar!


Back to fun

"David Cameron - the real thing"

Nah there's nothing better than a 'Natural DD'


Not a caption, just a comment:

I think Alan Clark would be proud to see how DD's career has progressed.

Daniel Vince-Archer

David Davis, Shadow Home Secretary, does his bit for tackling crime by apprehending four individuals who had attempted to steal model heads of Hague and Duncan Smith by stuffing them down their t-shirts...

EU Serf

David Davis promises a perfectly Balanced Manifesto.

John H

David Davis attempts to prove that he isn't the biggest tit in the Conservative Party.

Sorry - cheap and predictable, but still couldn't resist it. ;-)

"It is the fact that we do live in a free society that allows us to express ourselves and be different and I celebrate that and wouldn't like to lose it"

- agreed. But equally, the fact we live in a free society means people are allowed to decide this isn't "prime ministerial" behaviour . After all, Neil Kinnock was only expressing himself, as a member of a free society, when he went on stage in Sheffield in 1992 shouting "Alright! Well, alright!"

Mark Fulford

Feminism aside, this is tawdry.

DD is perfectly entitled to have his photo taken this way. The women are perfectly entitled to wear whatever they want. Observers are perfectly entitled to form opinions. "Vote for me because I've got supporters with big tits" is an undignified message from a would-be Prime Minister. It's the sort of thing I'd expect from Two Jags.

So my caption: "See ladies, there's always room for DD's in this party"

James Maskell

DD the party animal. Liam Fox wont be happy about the contender to his crown on that one!

Cllr Graham Smith

Forward, not back.

John H

Having in mind DD's performance this morning: "I guess I'm the only one here who's going to fall flat at the conference"

James Maskell

DD hopes that the "bounce" factor will ensure he wins the leadership contest.

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