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James Hellyer

Cameron thrown to the dogs.


"I knew I shouldn't have relied on that cornerstone to keep the flood out"

"David shows off his new trick while three older dogs look on! (now who could those 3 be :-)!!!)"

"Tieless & Shoeless isn't enough for some modernisers"

our one may be tempted to say "Next PM rises above the tide of boring politics"



A test of strength of character; tie a piece of steak to your groin and walk across that river....
Where's David Davis when you need him!
Are you sure David did this in the SAS?
These stockings are a bitch

James Hellyer

Clarke-Cameron dream ticket becomes a nightmare

Simon C

Anyone got a dog-whistle?


Stop Press : Michael Howard announces new rules for leadership selection

Daniel Vince-Archer

Cameron tries to avoid being 'Eton' by Labour's attack mongrels.

(Which would happen if he is elected leader).


Ant and Dec look on from the bank as David cries
"get me out of here I'm a politician!"


"Tony Blair announces the 'new' alternative to fox hunting...."

James Hellyer

David Cameron quickly regretted his pledge to top David Davis's macho credentials...

Ronald Collinson

"This is nothing compared with Eton."

Stewart Buchanan

Cameron responds to accusations he's an animal lover...

Daniel Vince-Archer

Cameron's hatchet job on his rivals.

Selsdon Man

Mitchell and Conway - call your dogs off!

James Hellyer

When he'd accepted Simon Heffer's dinner invitation, David hadn't realised he was on the menu...

Coffee Monster


If you want to do a new caption competition there's an interesting picture here:


'David took PR advice to 'dress fancy' for his speech a bit too literally...'

Islington Neil

Cameron hounded about whether he's ever smoked a peace pipe

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