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I think this site is absolutely marvellous. It has given me an insight into the leadership contest in more depth that i ever dreamed, and also educated me on so many conservative issued. I cannot praise this site highly enough. Unfortuanately i lack the sufficient funds at the moment to be able to put my money where my mouth is. I do promise, however, that come glory of pay day i hope to make as large a contribution as my meagre allowance will permit. Thanks editor for a great job.

Tom Ainsworth

Absolutely! This site has played a significant role in helping me develop my political views (only a year ago I would probably have voted Lib Dem). I'm sure I'm not the only young person who you have helped see the light: the left should be concerned. You also provide a great forum for debate, one that I've no doubt will long outlive the leadership contest.

Matthew Oxley

I would also like to commend the excellent work of this website and hope to cotribute as soon as I'm happy with some minor details, So on that note, Can the editor assure us that so long as members contributions are being requested, that the site will NOT in any way, shape, or form be funded by Fraude or people at CCHQ. I think it's critical this site maintains it's independance and if that means us caughing up a little then i'm happy to do so.


This site wants the Conservative Party to succeed Matthew and it won't adopt atagonistic views for the sake of it but - yes - the plan is to remain fully independent of CCHQ. We want to be the champion of members and the panel will be crucial in understanding members' views.

Tony Williams

When are we going to realise that Cameron's influence on Candidate Selection is going to provide cardboard cutout Yes Women?

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