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You see boys in the years that you've been out of power you haven't yet realized that the motto was "The hand that feeds"


It would have been interesting to see who David Starky would have called a twerp if this weeks panel of QT where to be transported back in time to last week.

James Maskell

David Starky was brilliant. At first I thought he was a boring old man, but when he started getting rude to other people my respect for him slowly rose.


Hilarious ! Group of Old Etonians from the Bullingdon Club decide they should run the Tory Party.............they certainly know how to pull the curtain down on this show. I should think having Old Etonians trying to out liberal the Lib Dems should be so funny, but at least the defections of Tory MPs will bring it fresh blood as the meltdown gathers pace in the Lifestyle Party


Interesting comment by Rick.

For what it is worth, when I was at Oxford a very few years before the Notting Hill Tories it was very exclusive. Many people from the top public schools (define your own terms) would not even say hello to you if you came from a state school or even a minor public school. As for the dining societies, say no more. If we are now moving towards a more "inclusive" society I am all in favour of it but the sceptic in me somehow doubts it.


Then we were possibly contemporaries esbonio



Perhaps i was being too kind to myself. Cameron left in 88. I left in 83.

But I still find your analysis amusing if not spot on.



Remember it's when you Matriculated that matters not when you left.............after all you might have been in an Oxford Eight and graduated at 33 like someone I recall.

You weren't by any chance that Fresher waving as we came out of Schools after Finals were you ?

In my day it was Philip Oppenheim + Range Rover on the party circuit and Rupert Soames chundering all over his dinner jacket


I drank too much at university

does this mean I should hand in my drivers license?

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