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James Hellyer

But they were all better than David Davis. Can we agree on that?


Haven't heard the speech (I'm in the office),was it bad?

James Hellyer

Content wise it was fine, but the delivery was hesitant and stumbling. There were lots of fluffs. In terms of presentation and confidence it was the worst of the leadership speeches so far.


James, you're right. DD's speech really wasn't up to scratch.

I think Ken's brilliant performance yesterday was full of chutzpah - but it's a self belief based on a certain amount of success in government. I think he's earned the right to boast.

Contrast this with David Cameron's arrogance, which is based on... I don't know what. What kind of ego is it that leads him to arm his supporters with "I Love DC" placards to wave during his speech. And frankly, the way he exploits one aspect of his "personal story" is bordering on the unseemly.

Looking forward to Fox this afternoon...

Cllr Iain Lindley

James, who cares where Cameron's mannerisms come from? Surely the important thing is that we have an electable leader who delivers?

James Hellyer

Iain, I disagree that he is either electable or able to to deliver. He was vacuous and false.


Not to the majority of people he wasn't I suspect.Doc Fox had better be good this afternoon.

James Hellyer

The majority of views I saw liked his delivery but were more ctirical about his contents. Vacuous was a common term used to describe that aspect...


Swiss Toni? Nooo, more like Lord Ralph Mayhew from Ted and Ralph...

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