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Although of course advice from Dolly will generally be a source of amusement rather than insight, I did think he was right on the button with: "The last thing voters want is 'Blair lite'. Already Cameron's interviews are too full of jargon. He would be far better off taking inspiration from his vanquished foe, Ken Clarke - let his real personality shine through, ditch the jargon and risk looking a little rough and ready."

What people don't seem to grasp is that Cameron IS 'Blair lite'. Why was John Major elected to succeed Thatcher? He was different to her - the friendly face of Conservatism. What will the public want at the next election? Someone different to Blair. The choice they will have is Brown (very different to Blair) and Cameron (very similar to Blair). I can imagine Cameron saying: "I'm a pretty straight sort of guy", can anyone here imagine Brown saying that. I am sure DC is bright, articulate and would be a good PM, but quite frankly I don't think it will happen. Davis is the man to fight the next election.

Selsdon Man

It is all too easy for politicians of all parties to use jargon - it is the practice through Westminster and Whitehall. I have done it myself. However, both Davids are clear in their speeches and interviews. In any case, there will be plenty of opportunities to test them over the next six weeks.

john Skinner

Nobody gives a monkey's what Derek Draper thinks about anything. You know that, Montgomery, but it's a good excuse to bring up the drug smear again. A bit of advice to you pal: continual bias means you lose credibility.

Henry Fitzpatrick

Do you lose any cred John by not knowing it's 'Montgomerie'? But you're right of course: whether the possible next Leader of the Party has done Class A drugs is NOT an issue' nobody else cares; the Labour party won;t ever raise it; and nor, of course, will Labour supporting papers like the Sun and the Times. Everyone who talks about it - including, perversely, you, by giving this thread the ozygen of 'recent comments' publicity - is doing the party's enemies' work for them. Because, *obviously*, it is not an issue, even though it is, repeatedly and rightly.

john Skinner

I'll excuse "ozygen" Henry, because, at this late hour you're probably pissed like me.

Guido fawkes

Is it an issue that the current home secretary admits to smoking dope during his student days?

Does it disqualify him from imposing ID cards and taking away our civil liberties?


I'm very attracted by the idea of Cameron opposing Brown rather than Davis.

Cameron will be everything Brown isn't - young, attractive, fresh. He could make Labour look very tired. And we've already seen a poll which shows him 15 points ahead of Brown among the crucial floating voters.

I'm more worried that Davis would be Brown-lite!

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