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Sally Rideout Baker

Deposing of Iain Duncan Smith was a mega error. Ken Clarke stands head and shoulders above David Davis. If there was a rerun of Duncan Smith v Ken Clarke with the Tory Party members, Duncan Smith would once again be victorious.

These have been almost three totally wasted years. I have come to the conclusion that the "Man of the Night" has another agenda – the total destruction of the Tory Party.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Looking at The Telegraph today and other recent articles, it would seem that the Rifkind camp has dropped its disastrous anti-Ken mantra of late (just as well really, seeing as the Cameron team stole Ken-bashing, previously known as 'doing a Rifkind', as their main campaign theme) - is it possible that Rifkind could be preparing the ground for a move to the Ken team if his support doesn't pick up soon?

Simon C

Charles Hendry has declared for Ken Clarke, according to the BBC, so Willetts hasn't persuaded all of his supporters to follow him.

Selsdon Man

Not many supporters to follow Willetts, Simon. Nick Gibb and David Lidington are "must gets" for the Cameron camp. Hoban is more likely to favour Davis or Fox.

John Travis

4 more MPs for DD. Bacon and Fallon already declared.,,59-1786787,00.html

(MP for Norfolk South)
(MP for Sevenoaks)
(MP for Bridgwater)
(MP for Worthing East & Shoreham)
(MP for Boston & Skegness)
(MP for Poole)
House of Commons

James Hellyer

And for me, Lidell-Grainger's blessing is reason enough to vote for A.N. Other!

John Travis

Why James ? - It's the one name I didn't know.

James Hellyer

Well, besides the fact that his turn as our parliamentary candidate in '97 somehow managed to make Emma Nicholson look like she'd been a good candidare, the man is a nutcase.

James Hellyer

By "our", I meant Torridge and West Devon's candidate.

On a less personal note, Iain Lidell-Grainger is a member of Cornerstone:,,2-1707253,00.html

... at least according to the Times.

His support for Davis is bad news for Fox supporters like myself, because it indicates that Cornerstone isn't going to vote as a bloc. Of course, he may be one of a few and the majority will follow Leigh's and Hayes' lead. We can but wait...

John Travis

Thanks for the info James.

Selsdon Man

Davis is attracting most of the "Portillista" vote. If he can get more Cornerstone vote, the Fox campaign will be in trouble. In any case, it is now hard to see how Davis can lose the MP ballot. If he has a huge lead, would Clarke (or Fox or Cameron) risk a divisive membership ballot?

Simon C

A little premature, perhaps, Selsdon - bearing in mind he has fewer than 25% of the total body of MPs. There's still a good deal to play for - and an interesting perspective from Lord Ress-Mogg in the Times today.

James Hellyer

The FT article contains a new endorsement for David Davis from Sir Nicholas Winterton.

Selsdon Man

Simon, the Cornerstone Group appears to be looking for an alternative to Dr Fox. If so, his campaign will be in trouble.

The Clarke, Fox and Rifkind campaigns have not revealed any new supporters in the last week or so. Their campaigns are in danger of losing momentum. The Davis and Cameron campaigns will launch with a new list of supporters next week.


I think the most important bit for David Davis is that he is know getting the backing from committed backers for IDS in 2001,(6) which didn't seem to be going his way at the start.

Selsdon Man

Davis, more importantly, is picking up former Clarke supporters like Ottaway and Malins to add to the likes of Green and Taylor. This suggests that Davis is seen as candidate who can unite the Parliamentary party, the Cornerstone Group possibly excepted.

Significantly, none of the other candidates have announced new backers this week. The momentum is clearly with Davis.

James Hellyer

That's not momentum, Selsdon, that's the appearance of momentum. If the Davis camp hadn't said they were planning rolling thunder, then we might just believe it was real momentum.


Richard Ottaway backed Portillo last time not Clarke. The importants is numbers know for Davis as he needs to get to 67 to be sure of getting into the final round whatever system is chosen and there is more former IDS MPs out their likely to support him then Clarke from last time of the 108 left to declare offically.

John G

James makes a very good point. Rumour weeks ago was that Davis thought he had about 80 MPs on side. I wonder how many of these new backers (Willetts probably excepted - and that's a big one) are really new. Davis could still have trouble reaching the 100, but Fox and Clarke need to secure and publicise new endorsements as a matter of urgency now.

Selsdon Man

Davis's support base is wider than one would have thought. I was surprised by most of those who declared this week. I am forecasting at least 75 votes in the first round.

John Coulson

To add a publicly declared MP to your list:
Jeremy Wright the new MP for Rugby and Kenilworth has come out for Dr. Fox in his local newspaper: The Rugby Observer. He praises Foxs' courage and performance as Shadow Foreign Secretary in a short diary piece.

John Coulson

Does anyone know what John Redwood is up to? I haven't heard any rumours as to who he is supporting and it surprises me he isn't actually vying as a candidate for the cornerstone vote. He does have the credentials.

James Maskell

That would be interesting to see...anybody wanna guess how long it is before this rumour goes into the press? I call 48 hours!

James Hellyer

Redwood? He has the eurosceptic credentials. But he's also a just gone through a nasty divorce. I can't see that appealing to Cornerstone.

If Euroscepticism is their thing, then they'll back Dr Fox.

John Coulson

Redwood WAS mentioned at the very start as a possible candidate. He has performed well, and without his usual abrasive manner, in his new shadow cabinet position. He sided with Davis over the ID cards debate so he may back him and hope for a good job - if you read Heseltines autobiography he is desperate to be Shadow Chancellor.

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