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James Hellyer

Steve Norris is backing David Cameron.

As Cameron now has him and Bruce Anderson onside, it's time for Conservatives with political judgement to rally to another candidate!

Sean Fear

I would be gob-smacked if either Hayes or Howarth backed Clarke. He offers neither euroscepticism nor social conservatism to them.

James Hellyer

As Hayes and Howarth were among IDS's original supporters, I'd be very surprised if they backed Clarke.

Andy Stidwill

The most interesting finding in today's ICM poll for the Politics Show has to be that amongst the wider electorate Cameron only has 13% support, precisely the same as Davis.
This confirms what I've been suspecting since Cameron's speech - that his new-found popularity is very much confined to Tory party members. Clarke remains the public's choice.

James Hellyer

Or it simply confirms that the public at large don't watch the party conferences.

Cllr Iain Lindley

Andy, it's pretty obvious that the numbers for Clarke reflect a recognition factor. The last week has seen unprecedented coverage for Cameron, Davis and Fox and the result has been that Clarke's numbers have plummeted. Obviously the change has not been as marked as amongst the members - more of the members were paying attention to the Conference coverage.

Coffee Monster

Peter Ainsworth is declaring for Cameron and David Burrowes for Fox according to The Daily Telegraph:

There is also an interesting list of all the undeclared MPs, with indications of who they might go for:

The Telegraph seems to think Edward Garnier has declared, but I don't know who for.


Know that undeclared Cornerstone supporters number 18MPs I think like Tim the only thing they can do know is to support either Davis or Fox in the first round? I would say through that out of the remaining 64MPs at least 34 should go to either Davis or Fox in the first round.


I've updated as directed, Coffee Monster!

Coffee Monster

Thanks Ed!

Garnier going for Clarke isn't a great surprise. By the way, in a previous post:

you stated that Davis had a 'public declaration of support from the whole of the frontbench home affairs team'.

However, this isn't true as Garnier is a Shadow Minister for Home Affairs and will probably be sitting next to Davis all afternoon. Not the best time to make his declaration!


A good point.

Simon C


Today's Times sets out a list of hustings over the next few days: the 92 Group; MPs' wives (this seems delightfully less than modernising, since they don't have a vote, & is presumably on the basis that they will influence their spouses. I wonder if MPs' husbands are invited too...); and next Monday the 1922 committee.

Are your bugs, moles and other sources ready to brief us all?


BBC reporting Sir Malcolm has withdrawn and will back Ken Clarke.

Selsdon Man

Confirmed on epolitix too.

That will put Clarke, Fox and Cameron very close.

James Hellyer

I think that means Michael Ancram will go to the Fox or Davis camps. He stood with IDS against Portillo's "modernisers" and Ken Clarke in 2001, so I can't see him supporting Clarke or "moderniser" Cameron.


So the ID card is going to cost us just 30 pounds, which means another 1.44 billion of indirect taxation, if you don't include the under 16's. Methinks that we have a question for the panellists on Question Time tonight. Has this figure been rounded down so that on average it will cost only us 30 pounds a year, because the card has a life expectancy of five years, and that the actual cost on purchase will be closer to the 170 pounds estimate that was given by the LSE? If so then this 14.4 billion would surely be enought to fill Gordon's black hole.

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