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Just a quick note to the editor, I was at the CF training event at the weekend - just wondered how you got the info about Nick Gibb MP backing David Willetts? were you there or do you have spies? I guess you won't reveal your sources but am suprised about how fast news travels.


I was informed by an impeccable source Hugh. News travels as fast as fingers can dance on a keyboard!


Probably rubbed shoulders with you or them then!? Either way it was a good conference thanks for answering my query and good luck with covering the rest of the leadership contest.

Daniel Vince-Archer

David Willetts has now declared his support for David Davis on national television (he was on BBC Ten O'Clock News) - surely he should be added to the Davis list now?

Samuel Coates

Nick Gibb is said to have announced his support for Willetts at the CF training weekend. I was there and he didn't really say it as an announcement per se, and i'm sure he was already counted as a Willetts supporter by then anyway.
Trivial matter, I know.
Wonder who'll endorse now?

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