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EU Serf


Spot on with the Ratner Comment.

Enemies of Conservatism see us as the nasty party, but who cares. Middle Britain has seen us since the ERM debacle as the incompetent party, thats what really killed us.


Jenny, I disagree that people interested in political blogging and downloading music are anoraks - the only reason I don't download music is because I can't be bothered to find out how to do it.

It's not your gender, race or religion that dictates whether you have an interest in politics or the future of your country but a general concern for our future well being. No-one is stopping other women joining in this website's many blogs other than themselves.

There is nothing more nasty than the present government building up lots of problems for our children in the future? What is 'still is to a certain extent' about the party you don't like so that our leadership candidates can say how they'll fix it?


Jenny, your comments are more sexist than any I have read on this blog and do a complete dis-service to women.

The Conservative party is a meritocracy - you get somewhere based on ability not what race or sex you are.

Theresa may have been on Womens Hour - probably due to her Shadow Ministerial role - but she still isn't as well known as the likes of Clarke or Davis.


Jenny - you wouldn't be the same Jenny Stoker who worked for Michael Howard would you? If so you could ask your old boss why he didn't promote more women to the Shadow Cabinet for starters.... or maybe he believed in meritocracy too.

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