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Have a good good time in Georgetown Ed.It's a wonderful place.With all the wonderful seafood resturants there,why did you choose to go to a place owned by a 'cheese eating surrender monkey?'More to the point why did Donald Rumsfeld!

Dave J

It wasn't "Pieds des Cochons," was it? That place is sketchy as hell: I didn't even hang out there when I was in college, and I hung out in plenty of dives. Although I suppose I could see Rummy going there if he wanted to burn off some steam by getting into a brawl or something like that.

If instead it's the place I'm thinking it actually was, on K Street, the name of which escapoes me at the moment, it's very good stuff and a good choice. Shame I won't be down in DC until the week after, Editor, or you could vicariously relive the worst of my youth. ;-)

Malcolm, other than Chesapeake Bay crabs, this Bostonian was always a bit disappointed by DC seafood. I guess I have impossibly high standards to live up to in that regard.

James Hellyer

"I'm in DC for a week (see here for why)."

Not travelling with Fox Tours then?


I'm with IDS TOURS James!

I can't remember the name of the restaurant Dave J. Bistro something? I'm going back on Thursday for another meal and will report back on the name. Those snails were delicious...

Selsdon Man

Editor, did you have the courage to ask Rumsfeld about extraordinary renditrion - the policy of torture of innocent Muslims in Egypt that he personally sanctioned?

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