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Selsdon Man

Malcolm - Andrew Boff, who lost to Steve, is openly gay.

Pity the poor Jarvis shareholders!


IDS wasn't at odds with the parliamentary party.They in their wisdom picked him over Portillo.

James Hellyer

And people seem to forget that in a final ballot the MPs would probably have backed IDS over Clarke. Certainly more of the Portillistas joined his campaign than did Clarke's...


Malcolm, yes you're right. Was that on the premise that members wouldn't go for Portillo - so Duncan Smith was nothing more than a stop Clarke candidate? And by allowing members to take the decision, MPs then felt little obligation to stick with Duncan Smith.

James Hellyer

IDS supporters are supposed to have voted tactically for Ken Clarke, in order to knock Portillo out of the race.

In any event, IDS was supported because he wasn't Clarke and because he wasn't Portillo, not because of who he was.

Similarly the members vote is misleading. Remember that the common perception was that IDS was some sort of heir of Tebbit.


No I don't think so.Portillo seemed to have as many enemies as supporters and if my memory serves IDS was more a 'stop Portillo' candidate than 'stop Clarke'.
It goes back to what I was saying earlier,MPs are motivated to vote for many reasons other than who they believe will lead us to victory.Sometimes I wonder if some of them actually want us to win.

Daniel Vince-Archer

James is right about Iain Duncan Smith winning because he wasn't either of the other two candidates.

In much the same way, I think we can expect to see Liam Fox gain support from people who don't necessarily want him as leader, but see him as a preferable option to David Davis or Ken Clarke.

Selsdon Man

Michael Ancram could act as a Fox spoiler for the Cornerstone Group. Ancram, Edward Leigh and IDS are all Catholics - is this significant?

Daniel Vince-Archer

Not really Selsdon, Ann Widdecombe is a Catholic too and she has nailed her colours firmly to Ken Clarke's mast.

Midnight Blue

Hopefully, just for once, the people who will decide this (whether it turns out to be MPs or all of us) will vote for candidates positively, because they believe they would be the best leader, not just to stop someone else.


We must trust the members. Democracy is too important to be sacrificed to try to engineer a result for any one candidate. Of course the members will still only be presented with 2 candidates, so it is possible for the MPs to do the engineering.

Looking at the number of MPs declaring for each candidate so far, it is quite possible for them to exclude Ken from the final ballot. It looks like DD plus perm any one from three. So many MPs have kept their powder dry that the result is far from certain.

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