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Jonathan Sheppard

Jack - do you think that's because he hasnt started his campaign and has been busy getting on with the job of being Shadow Home Secretary. What with the Charities Bill, Violent Crime Disorder Bill and the other issues around at the moment, David has been doing exactly what we should expect from our MPs - getting on with the job in hand of opposing bad legislation, supporting anything positive that the Government may come up (few and far between) and hitting home hard when the likes of Clarke and Blears foul up.

Selsdon Man

James, the comment was "Our Ken appears to think that Islamic extremists are analagous to the IRA, despite the latter group's lack of association with suicide bombings or martyrdom".

I merely pointed out, correctly, that the hunger strikers were martyrs. I did not say that they were analagous to suicidebombers. DO NOT MISREPRESENT MY VIEWS!!!

James Hellyer


I didn't. Ken saw the IRA as analagous to the Islamists. I said that wasn't the case. You retorted that hunger strikers saw themselves as martyrs, therefore implying that they were analagous. How was that misrepresenting your views as expressed?

Daniel Vince-Archer

Jack you are being a bit harsh on Davis - in my opinion he's done the right thing after Ken's announcement of candidature last week and effectively ignored it rather than look like his campaign agenda is being driven by Ken (a la Cameron; a la Rifkind). I've no doubt that in time the Davis team will flesh out his ideas and set out his vision for the party and the country and then it will be fair to judge what he has to offer.


The Islamist terrorists are different to the IRA in terms of ideology and strategy. They will never negotiate or go away. The similarity is their martyrdom and murdering of innocent people. I use the term homicide bombing to highlight the latter.

Al Quada will never negotiate - they must be defeated. The war in Iraq has diverted vital resources (intelligence, financial and physical) from that key task.

James Hellyer

Then in fact we agree!

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