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Selsdon Man

It is not just web sites that count - personally meeting the grassroots is equally important. They need to feel wanted and to be motivated to donate money to tackle the Party's huge debts.

By the way, I see that the Cornerstone Group is meeting Michael Ancram to see if he will stand as its candidate. That would be a terrible blow to Dr Fox.

James Hellyer

I don't believe that story for a second, Selsdon. While Michael Ancram has a lot in copmmon with Cornerstone, he simply does not have the support, either in parliament or the country, to be a serious challenger. 2001 illustrates that.

Like the mooted Leigh candidacy, all supporting a new candidate now would achieve is to ensure that Cornerstone and their views were sidelined.

James Hellyer

In terms of personally meeting the grassroots, Dr Fox has the advantage of the work he put into marginal target seats during the election. He has the disadvantage thathe's been doing his job, which has meant he's overseas a lot of the time.

Wat Tyler

Yes...the Doc's website is particularly slick. Although personally, I don't like the way you can't turn off his supporters as they harangue you from the screen...or maybe I'm just being techno-dense.

But a network of advocates sounds good...haven't seen any round our way though.

And Tim...if you ever want to assemble another audience for the CSJ- or anything else- I'd be there. And I'm very housetrained. Honest.

PS Remember Nick Winterton- now 46 on my count.


I would be very interested to be in the audience for the CSJ and would be grateful if you could let me know about future events.


I'll add you to the list of CSJ invitees, Malcolm.

Wat Tyler

Ed- hey...what about me?

James Hellyer

You can sit in the corner, Way. Have a pointed hat.

Wat Tyler

Wat Way is that to treat a friend?


Thanks Ed.It will be good to me you all,even the bloke in corner with the pointy hat!

James Hellyer

"Wat Way is that to treat a friend?"

One that shows the poor typing skills one learned as product of a modern comprehensive school!


It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if Ancram stood. It was the talk of the Red Lion and other pubs frequented by press men and politicos last night apparently. He certainly has a high enough opinion of himself to stand.

"It was the talk of the Red Lion and other pubs frequented by press men and politicos last night apparently"

So it was just pub gossip.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Ancram would be more credible than Leigh as the Cornerstone candidate but would still stand no chance of becoming leader.

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