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James Hellyer

... which is why under Ariel Sharon's leadership the Israelis are withdrawing from some of the occupied territories.

Now the Palestinians are no longer under the baleful influence of Yasser Arafat, with his habit of repeatedly negotiating in bad faith, perhaps they will actually accept a compromise and realise that are certain things the Israelis cannot compromise on - specifically things that would make their own state untenable.

James Maskell

You are right there Shaun. It is easy to take sides. Similarly with Northern Ireland.

The problem is that while its good to see that the Palestinians are now in control of the Gaza Strip, its an island basically within Israel.

Richard Allen

I have to say that I am disappointed with DD's stance on Turkey. Until Turkey improves it's human rights record and awknowledges the Armeinian genocide it has no place in the EU.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Too right Richard. Token gestures to Islam are not a good enough reason to admit new members to the European Union. Apart from Turkey's disgraceful human rights record (it's bad enough we turn a blind eye to Saudi Arabia, Uzbekhistan {sic?}, etc...), there is a list of reasons as long as Margaret Beckett's face as to why Turkey should not be admitted to the European Union.

James Maskell

"a list of reasons as long as Margaret Beckett's face". Brilliant joke. Thats gotta be the best joke of the leadership election. Almost there on the spelling...Uzbekistan, no h.

Selsdon Man

Edward Leigh's candidacy is the best (or biggest?) joke of the leadership election.

James Maskell

Not sure if its a he actually a candidate or not? Hes not on this site but the BBC has him down as one.

James Hellyer

The BBC has Andrew Lansley down as a candidate.

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