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James Hellyer

It's nice to see that CCO is so competent. You'd have thought that the membership lists would be up to date, what with the general election and everything...


James, you forget all those new members that have been attracted to the party since the general election. There may also have been one or two deaths and resignations.

James Hellyer

There's been a massive intake due to the Howard campaign? Really?

The deaths I believe though.

Daniel Vince-Archer

Would new members be eligible to vote in a leadership contest (assuming the current rules are kept)? I was under the impression that you need to have been a member for a certain period of time in order to be allowed to vote...


actually its because people have to renew their membership each year and often fail to do so within the 15 month period, at the same time you have to have been a member for 3 months to vote.

Each constituency have a list of its members but that is not the same as having a list of members qualified to vote.

James Hellyer

Yes, but it says a lot about CCO that they're incapable of maintaining accurate membership records - especially as the full Monbiot plans would have bequeathed them more powers.

Wat Tyler

Well, with only six days to go to the Convention, they must have most of the votes in by now. So they know Howard/Maode/Mondiot has been rejected.

The peasants have won. But of course, in the words of Jim Hacker, this is not a time for triumphalism. It is a victory for common sense. So let me just say REJOICE! REJOICE!

Now, Lord Hodgson reckoned if they get the admin running properly (hmm...right), even under the existing system the whole thing could still be over by Xmas.

James Maskell

Sounds like Im about to receive an email asking me why I havent renewed my membership...this ought to be good!

Francis Fraud is so desperate to cover his own failure now hes asking local parties to ensure their lists are correct. If my area is anything like Central Office, I can assure everyone on this forum that we might have some problems with the electorate. I asked my local party to help me compile a list of all people under the age of 30...they couldnt do it...the information wasnt there. The average age of the Conservative Party is something in the region of 65. Im assuming weve probably lost a fair number of the electorate due to God...

I know I run the risk of not being eligible to vote in that final round but Ill take my chances.

James Hellyer

I thought the Hacker mantra was "In defeat: bitterness. In victory: revenge!"

And they should indeed have most of the vote in now. Today was our constituency deadline to offer our Chairman our views (last time we wwere asked, a whole 20 people replied!).


Wat - I hope they have not been peeping at the votes yet. They ought not to do the count until the 27th after the dealine. I hope that they have scrutineers representing both the Board and the other side of the motion.


Wat - I hope they have not been peeping at the votes yet. They ought not to do the count until the 27th after the deadline. I hope that they have scrutineers representing both the Board and the other side of the motion.


If it's anything like the National CF elections, then I doubt it will be totally above board

James Maskell

Oh God. The National CF Elections...complete rubbish. What exactly are the differences between the candidates? Ill vote for the first candidate to say they would campaign actively to change the name back to Young Conservatives. How pompous a name is Conservative Future. Not only that but restrict the age to under 21s. How can you be classified as being part of the youth wing if you are 29? You could have been an MP for almost 8 years and still be a member of the Conservative Future! The candidates arent offering anything new whatsoever. I have no faith in the Conservative Future structure and system as it stands today.


Conservative future is an absolute joke if you don't live in london.

Selsdon Man

Bring back the Federation of Conservative Students! Where are today's NUS disaffiliation campaigns? NUS couldn't mess with FCS!

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