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James Hellyer

It's a tribute to Davis that his treatment of Jane Griffiths motivated her to make this comment. It certainly makes pleasant change from the more usual unsunstantiated rumours.

Wat Tyler

Good for Jane- I hope she doesn't get too much flak from her own trenches.

James Hellyer

It sounds like she sufffered from friendly fire anyway.

Daniel Vince-Archer

A glowing tribute indeed. It is certainly very generous of her and she should be applauded accordingly.

(I guess it would be churlish to point out that if MPs from other parties could vote for the Conservative leader they might be tempted to choose somebody other than the ideal candidate?)

James Hellyer

That tends to be why some of us are sceptical about those articles telling us who Blair or Brown most fear, Daniel.

But in this case, the tribute seems genuine. It's not been made on the grounds that Davis is the best policy wise, or scares someone more, but rather on the grounds that he was nice to Jane Griffiths and treated her with courtesy.

Daniel Vince-Archer

It would do Davis the world of good if Jane could repeat her comments to the mass media.


Yep - it would really help David Davis's campaign if an ex-Labour MP announces she wants him to win! I'm sure Tony Blair and Gordon Brown are also praying for Davis to win too.

Daniel Vince-Archer

GaffaUK, I was referring to the positive comments she made about his character. Coming from a figure outside the party with no ulterior motive, they would help boost his reputation...


I don't think it will because, cynics, like me would jump on that. 'Labourite wants Davis to win' headline. I'm sure there are lots of MPs in labour and Lib-Dems etc who have nice stories about Clarke, Cameron, Rifkind etc - but it really doesn't add up to much. John Major was a 'nice man' but (imo) a rubbish leader.

Wat Tyler

The reason Jane's post is so interesting is that she has no obvious axe. And the warmth of her comments contrasts so sharply with those we often hear from axe-wielders on our own side, who maintain that DD is cold, calculating, and ruthlessly dismissive of those who aren't in a position to further his own ambitions.

This is a very different picture, and one which- in my limited experience of meeting Davis- rings much truer.

Simon C

I am a little confused about Jane's stance - she seems to back DD one day, and KC the next (see the ConservativeHome mainpage).

James Hellyer

She didn't so much back Ken as say he had sex appeal.

I'd rather not pursue that line of thought any further...

David Taylor

Surely her "tribute" can only damage his chances.

Coffee Monster

"Surely her "tribute" can only damage his chances."

More so after this:
'Arrest warrant for deselected MP'

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