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Boris Johnson talking about bras - you can just imagine it can't you!

James Hellyer

Ken was interviewed on Radio 4 at lunchtime. He said the challenge of Europe was to make market work to increase prosperity.

His critics could point out that the market he's championing seems to be a barrier between Britain, prosperity and cheap goods.

Wat Tyler

At the risk of stating the bleedin' obvious, Boris is very reminiscent of Ken. Both are high profile, charismatic, warm, bright, articulate, amusing, likably non-pc etc etc.

Alas, they are equally unsuitable for the leadership.

The Political Thinker

Then Boris Johnson should support Liam Fox (or David Davis depending on his position - But he seems a bit non-committal at the moment). I’d much rather have Ken Clarke instead of Cameron – Not only is he a good speaker and a British gentleman (something none of the other real contenders are), but he is also honest about his views.

But I do agree that Europe isn’t off the agenda. It isn’t now, and never will be. However, Cameron isn’t the person to lead from a eurosceptic position (but I’ve no doubt he will step aside for Davis), and Davis seems a bit non-committal… Is Liam the only eurosceptic candidate?

James Hellyer

Well, Davis used to make a big deal out of being known as Monsieur Non in his days as Minister for Europe, but I don't recalling him saying anything that's really eurosceptic.

Selsdon Man

To be fair to Ken, he always said that he is in favour of free trade and free markets. It is likely that he will make a major speech on Europe. Mandy and his protectionist fiasco will be convenient target to advance his new Eurosceptic credentials.

Liam Fox is, IMO, the most Eurosceptic candidate. That is why he may find it difficult to attract support from the centre left.

Simon C

"Liam Fox is, IMO, the most Eurosceptic candidate. That is why he may find it difficult to attract support from the centre left."

Oliver Heald, who backed Ken Clarke last time, is one of Liam's team. More importantly, his Broken Society speech, and campaigning on mental health when Health Shadow, should reassure all parts of the party that he has a broader appeal.

Selsdon Man

I think that Chris Grayling, Liam's campaign manager, also backed Clarke last time.

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