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Richard: the point is that some in the Lib Dems have pretentions of becoming a more free-market, less pro-European party. Now, it seems that they're very much in the minority - but by courting them, we can help to turn the two sides of the Lib Dem coalition against each other, making them come apart at the seams. Let's not let (quite proper and properly motivated) tribal anti-Lib Demery blind us to the strategic potential of smashing them up, good and proper.

Richard Hyslop

There are those in the Liberal Democrat Party who are at odds with the current direction of the Lib Dems, particularly after Charles Kennedy's speech today. They favour greater use of the market, lower taxation etc. These people really shouldn't be in the Lib Dems and they may in time come and join us. We should be courting them as individuals but not courting the party they currently belong to.

There are many seats in England where the Tories are second behind the Lib Dems and in some cases by only a few votes. If the party works hard enough we can win these seats back, but we need to work. Instead of thinking up ideas and campaigns to get "into bed" with the Lib Dems at some point we should be attacking them night and day, working hard to unmask their true agenda and letting people know what the Lib Dems are really like.

Selsdon Man

Exactly my points above, Blimpish and Richard! Defections are better, and possibly more likely, than coalitions that are a last resort.

James Maskell

Just found an article about the Mid Norfolk Conservative Association. Very interesting. Basically the Chairman is accused of pre-empting the membership about the vote on rules change as well as criticising the chairman for the current debt.

Selsdon Man

The BBC reports that Mr Cameron says the Tories share common ground with some Lib Dem MPs - whom he hopes will decide to switch parties. He obviously reads this blog!

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