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James Hellyer

And who was it who said Cameron was just a creation of The Times?

Wat Tyler

Who will they back when Cameron drops out? Their Labour leaning credentials suggest Ken, but alumnus Gove will presumably go for DD.

Simon C

The Telegraph puts a slightly different gloss on this re-launch. It would seem that Cameron is following Liam Fox's lead, the difference being that Liam knows Merkel of old, and has made a date to meet her. Cameron's team doesn't seem to have fixed up a meeting yet.
It used to be the case that candidates for the Tory leadership would do anything for an endorsement from Lady Thatcher.

Clearly, times have changed. The current clutch of contenders are instead jostling for audiences with Germany's Iron Lady - Christian Democrat leader Angela Merkel - who is expected to become the country's first female chancellor after Sunday's elections.

Shadow education secretary David Cameron is off to Berlin today and is hoping that some of the Merkel magic will rub off on him when he attends one of her election rallies tomorrow night.

"Nothing has been planned, but it is quite possible that he will meet her," said his spokesman yesterday.

Shadow foreign secretary Liam Fox, meanwhile, is already scheduled to meet Merkel the weekend after the election.

"Liam's met her a number of times in the past and knows her fairly well," says his spokesman. "They both have scientific backgrounds, and the affinity between them is striking."


Meanwhile, on Sunday Matt d'Ancona used his column to describe a recent encounter between LF & Dubya, at which LF urged the President to do more to foster moderate Islamic democracies.

Liam is proving very effective at building relationships with leading conservatives about the globe - just as the Shadow Foreign Secretary should be doing in fact. Fox Tours seem to be working well.

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