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This is Bang On from Cameron exactely what we need. Willetts has backed Davis because its his best shot at becoming shadow chancellor, under Cameron Osborne keeps the job. Fox has his own campaign to run.

This is exactely what the Conservative Party needs and Cameron is an excellent candidate. He definately gets my vote.

Also Ken Clarke was dreadful on Question time last night.

James Hellyer

This is Bang On from Cameron exactely what we need.<./i>

It's Blairism-lite.

Willetts has backed Davis because its his best shot at becoming shadow chancellor

I disagree. Willetts "best shot" would have been with Clarke (who intimated as much). Willetts lacks the enthusiasm for income tax cuts Davis expresses, which makes him an unlikely choice, and more tellingly, has taken on extra paid work. He wouldn't do that if he expected a bog portfolio.

Oberon Houston

I am still confused at Willetts decision to back Davis.

Oberon Houston

James, your italics have gone bonzai.

John G

that might help

James Hellyer

Indeed it has!

I think Willetts saw Davis and Clarke as the two likely finalists, and although he has a lot of time for Clarke, found he had no real overall vision. On the other hand, Davis probably did a hard sell on his determination to "help the poor".

Oberon Houston

Well, if it's that, then it becomes a trust issue. IDS said many things befor ethe members voted, but was not interested after he became leader. Will Davis do the same?

Jack Stone

Personally I don`t take much notice of what MP is backing who. I suspect that most MP`s backing is based on a career move rather than high ideals.

Simon C

Problem being, Jack, that the MPs decide which 2 the rest of us can vote on (assuming you are a Party member...?). That being so, the rest of us need to pay attention to what they do.


Re BBC Bias: While ethically and professionally, it would be ideal to have a perfectly balanced reporting from the BBC. Is it really a suprise that a party who are regularly looking to cut public service jobs doesn't get a totally fair crack of the whip from a public service broadcaster?
It isn't right, But part of me can understand it.

As for supporting the more moderate candidates, I'm not sure it is that they are covering them because they are moderate or rather they are covering them because the next Prime Minister of the country is going to be a moderate - whichever party he comes from. The BBC present the news of interest to Britain, they are not a Tory broadcaster.

Paul Marks

Unlike the other candidates Mr Cameron has no track record for me to judge where he would stand on any major issue (clearly one can not judge on the basis of a few campaign speeches).

If I was optimistic man I would assume that Mr Cameron will turn out to stand for the Conservative principles of limited government and national independence in all the stress and stain of political life.

However, experience has taught me not be an optimist (after all I supported John "we have spent more than Labour promised to spend" Major for the leadership of the party).

However, I can not just assume that because past unknown quantities have been no good Mr Cameron will be no good. The truth is that I (and all of us) simply do not know.

The case for or against him is "unproven" as the Scots say.

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