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Addressing climate change

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« Francis "Maud" encourages preparations for rejection of leadership election rules | Main | Ken Clarke: People think we want to reform public services to cut taxes for our rich friends »


James Hellyer

IDS: "Has anyone seen my podium?"

James Hellyer

Clarke turns his back on the failures of the past.

James Hellyer

IDS: Where are these supporters I've heard so much about?

Guido Fawkes

Who is the guy on the left? Looks familiar but...

James Maskell

IDS is on the Left and Clarke is on the Right. Wait a second...

IDS grabs his stomach and turns away after seeing Clarke's "cigar".

malcolm thomas

Clarke - you've done bald and slim twice already and look where it got you.

Coffee Monster

IDS: Where did Hague say to aim a Judo chop?

Selsdon Man

IDS - I can't see any of your supporters, just like 2001!


I am looking for the real Ken Clarke - this man is an impostor.


IDS shows his approval with a sea shanty as Captain Pugwash addresses the salty crew.


Audience caption - He's behind you !

John G

IDS - Oooh the volume's a bit loud


The light is bad in here and I have just realised that I have been mis-directed into the Lib/Dims conference. The guest speaker looks familiar.


After picking the wrong man in 2001, members do it again... oooh controversial

Stewart Buchanan

Jesus, I thought I got rid of him years ago...


IDS - "Ken, this is ridiculous, I really can't do sign language."

Or IDS - "Sorry Ken, but I feel a bit queasy, where's the exit?"

Or Ken - "Iain has come here tonight to give me his full support."

Daniel Vince-Archer

Ken clearly doesn't think much of Iain's underarm deodorant


IDS - "What's that, someone at the back says there's an elephant in the room!"

James Maskell

IDS: "Which of you women thought Clarke was sexy?"

James Hellyer

Jane Griffiths!

Oberon Houston

Ken: " Stay away from the light Ian"

James Maskell

IDS: "I should never have challenged William Hague to that drinking game"


Where are you? I'm here, where are you?

Sally Rideout Baker

Iain observes Howard, Rifkin and Davis disappearing into the sunset.

Sally Rideout Baker

What are Portillo and Bercow up to over there?

(This is not meant to be rude)

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